Willpower in work and running

I think we all struggle with willpower in one area or another. For some, it might be addiction, to perfection, to drugs, to spending money. For me, I sometimes lack the willpower to finish something.

When it gets really boring in the last hour of work.

When I don’t want to think through a cohesive blog post.

When I don’t allow my body to appropriately recover from a run.

These are all sources where I lack willpower.

When it comes to running, I usually can muster the grit to get out there are start. Then it becomes the best part of my day. However, I sometimes don’t close the deal. I don’t get enough rest. I may run too much. I don’t eat the best foods or foam roll enough. I don’t finish the job.

At work, during this time of year it gets slower and towards the end of the shift I find myself getting antsy. I find myself thinking about all the other things I could be doing or if I should go home early. It is quite a conundrum because I want to make money, but I also have other things I could do instead (work on my van, bike, other jobs etc.)

Blogging, well, sometimes I just don’t have a conclusion to write and don’t want to think about it.

I’ve been reading The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal and it has empowered me to actually try to fix these issues. Whenever I get antsy at work, I stop, breathe deeply and think WILLPOWER. Seriously that’s what I do. I think remind myself of the money, and that the other things I think I could be doing will get done later. Doing this has also encouraged me to start using Google Calendar, where I allot time for those other things. This makes me believe I will do them and won’t forget. When I get antsy, I pray. I pray for a calm mind to get through the boring and tell myself that being bored is a skill. I need to be able to be bored.

When it comes to running, I put confidence in the people guiding me. I do what they say. They think, I listen and block out the part of me that thinks it’s not enough. I consciously find times to rest. I have built foam rolling into my day. Again, I block out time for it, not an obscure “I’ll foam roll tonight.” I do my best not to overthink food, but get enough in. I try, but I do not obsess. I pray that all things work for my body and I thank God for that.

In conclusion, my willpower will grow as I continue to be mindful of what I am doing, decreasing my multi-tasking, assuring myself I’ll get things done, or I won’t and most times that’s ok, and praying.

7 thoughts on “Willpower in work and running”

  1. It’s amazing how focusing on the right things, the things that God wants me to do in a day, and just being more still instead of rushing around and trying to do all the multi tasking has been a hugely freeing thing for me just in the past 2 months or so. 🙂

  2. Okay … I must be crazy nosy … but do you plan to live in your van full time? I have been reading lately and I am confused because it would seem as if that was your plan. I guess for me there would be nothing relaxing about living in such a small space BUT I have claustrophobia so I need space.

      1. Thanks for responding. Do you plan on diving into where you store all of your stuff, where you cook, etc in the van? I think that’d be interesting. 🙂

        1. Yes eventually. I’ve been slacking on the blog lately because I got a part time job as the social media manager for a restaurant, so most of my computer time is on there. Thanks for the interest 🙂 I’ll get to it eventually.

  3. Ugh that work problem. Wanting to go home early but needing the money…. being bored when there’s other things you want to do…. yes, I am experiencing this all too much recently. I did go home early once and felt extreme guilt for it the next day. Because I “should have stayed for the money.”

    Anyways, this is very insightful. I suppose willpower, like other things, requires a lot of mindfulness. Which is what you are practicing when you feel those antsy thoughts coming in. Stopping, taking a breathe, and realizing what is going on can be really powerful.

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