WIAW [Running, not training]

As I mentioned on Monday, I am running again. I would say training, but it’s loose training. I am doing some speed and tempo stuff, but mostly LSD (long, slow distance). After a bit of rough runs and mental stuff last week, I realized I am ready for the running part of training, but not the other stuff.

I’m not doing too much mobility and strength maintenance.

I’m not in a training diet mode.

I’m just not ready for that yet. All I really am ready for is a few faster runs, some light strength and form work and careless eating. I still eat good food, but I don’t want to end the fun stuff. I don’t want to reign in my processed food or gluten. I simply don’t want to think about stuff like that yet. I will eventually, but right now, I’m happy just where I am.

It was hard to come to that, because I want to be all in when I train. Loosening up a few things regarding training is almost harder than a speed workout! However, in my heart, I know I will be fine and this is good for me.

Without too much rambling, it’s time for WIAW. I’m linking up with Jen, Laura and Arman 🙂


Breakfast: Chocolate Overnight Oats topped with Banana


Snack: Three plums and an apple


Lunch: Cajun Seitan Burrito via Strong Hearts Café <3


Dinner: Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough Banana Ice Cream (unpictured bowl of greens and banana chips)



Tell me your favorite ice cream topping!

Are you a fan of Cajun food?

28 thoughts on “WIAW [Running, not training]”

  1. So, is it pretty essential for you to change your diet when you are seriously training? And your bowls of nice cream ALWAYS make me want ice cream. Favorite ice cream topping? Peanut Butter!

    1. I love melting PB and then pouring it on top, then putting it back in the freezer (if I can wait haha) and letting it create a shell <3 <3 <3 NOM!

  2. Whoa that banana ice cream looks DELICIOUS! I have a half marathon this weekend after that I am going to be doing what you are doing now — running, but not training. After training since March, I am ready for a break before I have to start training for my fall race. It is perfect to enjoy the time off in the summer time!

    1. YES! Embracing the running lifestyle is enough. I don’t think training all the time is the best way to live. It’s a mindset and I don’t want to be in it right now. Good luck in your race!

  3. Love it! It can be so easy to get into a constant cycle of needing to see progress (in any aspect of life) that you lose sight of the just doing the thing for the sake of your own enjoyment. That ice cream looks fabulous!

    1. I have been on a serious chocolate banana ice cream kick! It doesn’t even have to be high quality chocolate or cocoa powder, I just love it all!

  4. That seitan wrap looks so delicious!
    It sounds really nice to take a little time not to worry about the “training” part, but just focus on the “running” part. Sometimes it’s good to do things because we’re working toward goals, and sometimes it’s good to do things just because we enjoy them.
    Chocolate chips are by far my favorite ice cream topping. Hot fudge is a close second. I have a chocolate thing.

    1. I love sprinkles almost more than ice cream! I usually get creative with the sprinkle shapes (I’ve had cows, ducks, bats, tie-dye etc) but rainbow is my favorite 🙂

  5. This may have been the first breakfast of yours I have seen without a topping of peanut butter.
    But you know what – that’s awesome! Our lives are so long (praying) that it would be rather dull to keep focused on the same things with the same dedication all the way through. We are bound to change it up – or else we’ll burn out! I think its just especially great to right now focus on doing what you love simply because you love it. Like you said – you know you’ll, at some point, get back to those diets and dedications, so this is not a “never again” thing.

    1. Haha I probably just ate a scoop of PB afterwards =P I don’t know if my training diet is really a “diet”. I just stop eating things that make me feel bad. Is that a diet? I don’t know I guess

  6. That burrito and ice cream look delicious! Loving the sprinkles.
    I think it’s a good thing that you’re focusing on the running rather than the training. You have to do what’s best for you.

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