Weekly Training Log [10/23-10/29]

The winter came this Thursday and with the freezing rain, I began my winter treadmill running. I do get outside a fair amount during the cold months, but any weather that I can slip on brings me to the treadmill. I actually don’t mind it so much because I watch the news and using the speed options can get me a great workout.

Here is my week of running:

Sunday: 19.3 (8:00 pace)

Monday: 10.3 (7:50 pace) and Durability Training

Tuesday: 90 minutes XT

Wednesday: 12 miles (speed)

Thursday: 10.0 (7:48 pace) and Durability Training

Friday: 8.5 (8:00 pace)

Saturday: 12.8 (8:05 pace)

I’m not sure if I mentioned this here, but at the Easy As Pie 5k a few weeks back, I pulled my hamstring. I had not done anything fast since then, so Wednesday’s speed workout was a test run.


I completed the plan (2x400m-4M tempo-2x400m) and did feel sore. However, after each run this week, the soreness subsided relatively faster each day. I take comfort in that the healing process is happening and soon I will be good as new…for the lighter training that the winter will bring.

This week is a bit of a taper for me and I am racing next Saturday. After such time, I have no plans to race but to maintain some level of fitness as move through the winter.

Oh and I made a new video!! Check it out and if you have any questions, comment!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Training Log [10/23-10/29]”

  1. I’m doing a lot of treadmill time this week too, I don’t mind a little rain – but draw the line at torrential rain, wind, and lightening. 🙂 Great training and video and ouch on the hamstring! I’m pretty random with picking races lately, if friends ask – then I do it. 🙂

  2. WOW, how do you get through those super long treadmill runs? I have a hard time with doing a 3 mile run. I don’t usually go running in a huge blizzard, but sometimes I’ll go in the snow or ice if I wear my sister’s Yaktrax. They work SO well for slipping. 🙂 Now I have a gym membership, so maybe I”ll do more gym runs!

  3. I’m impressed that you do your super long runs even in the winter when you have to do them on your treadmill! I think the longest treadmill run I’ve ever done was 6 miles and that was very much a one-time thing. Your mental endurance is impressive!

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