A Week of Running and Food Training for an Ultramarathon

A few weeks ago, I kept track of a week (actually, this is 6 days) of food and running around my long run of 26 miles. This was for a project I am working on, and I do not usually track my food, but it was enlightening and will help me in my next training cycle.

Many people ask what I eat to fuel my training as a vegan. Well, the following list is what I consumed during a 70 mile week before the North Face 50 Mile Championship race.

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November 19
Run: 11.1 miles
Breakfast 7:52AM
–1/3 cup oats, 1/2 cup cocoa almonds, 1T chia seeds, 1T flax seeds
– 1 apple
– 2 cups coffee
-vegan chicken salad (apprx 1 cup), lettuce, tomato, sprouts, onions in a wrap
-lemon sparkling water
PM recovery bike (40 minutes) 3:30PM
-Pizza from Pizza Aroma, veggie and sauce
-coconut almond joy bar (it’s a CTB pastry, DELICIOUS!)

November 20
Run: 8 miles 6:00AM
Breakfast: 10:00AM (late)
-breakfast burrito (hash browns, tofu scramble, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, onions in a wrap)
-2 cups coffee
-sparkling water
Lunch: 2:00PM
-pasta with marinara sauce and black bean meat balls
-salad with dressing
Strength workout 4:00PM
Dinner: 8:00PM
-pesto quinoa with roasted tomatoes and almond/flaxseed meatballs (got the recipe from Brendan Brazier’s Thrive cookbook)
-broccoli with dip
-Banana with vega protein powder and peanut butter (I mash it all together)

November 21
26.2 mile run 6AM
-10ozTailwind, run gum
Breakfast 10:30AM
-1/3cup quinoa, banana, 1 cup cocoa almonds, 2T peanut butter, almond milk
-2 cups coffee
Lunch/snacking throughout the afternoon
-large s’mores latte (don’t judge me)
-1 cup rosemary salted almonds
-1 apple
-1 Larabar
(I never know how to eat in the afternoon of a long run or race that causes me to eat a very late breakfast, but I’m trying)
Dinner 7:00PM
-pesto quinoa with almond/flaxseed meatballs
-acorn squash with nutritional yeast and marinara sauce
-couple cups of Kool-Aid
-Clif bar with 2T peanut butter

November 22
XT 60 minutes 6:00AM
Breakfast: 7:30AM
-1/3 cup oats, 2-3T peanut butter, 1 scoop vega protein powder, blackberries
Lunch: 11:30AM
-1 cup peanut noodles, 6oz smoked tofu, 1 cup Asian veggies
-salad with dressing
Snack: 4:30PM
Peppermint mocha soy latte
Dinner: 7:00PM
-2 cups quinoa, sweet potato cheese sauce (3/4 cup)
-2 cups brussels sprouts with BBQ sauce dip
Dessert: 8:30PM
-banana ice cream (2.5 bananas) with chocolate almonds

November 23
Run 15.1 miles 6AM
Breakfast: 8:00AM
-1/3 cup oats, 1 scoop vega protein powder, blackberries, maple syrup and almonds (1/3 cup)
-2 cups coffee
Lunch 12PM
-vegan chicken salad bagel sandwich (vegan chicken salad, cranberry sauce, LTO, rosemary salt bagel)
-salad with dressing
-sparkling water
Snack: 4PM
-Clif bar, 2 cups coffee
Dinner 7PM
-bowl of random shit (hummus, baba ganoush, chickpeas, olives, carrots, mushrooms, taboulah, tomatoes)
-snap peas and baby corn with BBQ sauce as a dip
-2 cups Kool-Aid
-“Kentucky Pie” not sure what’s in it but it was GREAT!

December 24
Run 6AM: 8 miles
Breakfast: 7:30AM
-Chocolate chip scone
-2 cups coffee
Turkey Trot 10AM: 6.3 miles
-2 cups coffee on way home
Lunch: 1:30PM
-Sweet potato corn chowder (2 cups?)
-salt and vinegar chips (ate out of the bag but probably 3 servings
-a handful of “puppy chow”
-sparkling water
Snack: 4:30PM
-2 apples
-2 cups coffee
Dinner: 7:00PM
-Mac and cheese with lentils and salsa (2.5 cups)
-green beans and baby corn with BBQ sauce dip
-2 cups Kool-Aid
-1 cup puppy chow

Thoughts about this week:

Damn I can actually cook good food! No longer do I just eat peanut butter and banana. That was fun for a while, but I’ve grown up and appreciate all different foods.

I enjoy cooking for myself and taking time to prepare meals.

I believe in packaged foods for snacks and try to have one each afternoon even if I am not hungry.

Again, any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

14 thoughts on “A Week of Running and Food Training for an Ultramarathon”

  1. This is really interesting! I love how creative your meals are. Do you ever eat before you run or do you always wait to eat after?

  2. It was neat to have a sneak peek into what a week of training and food look like for you! I love the variety you have in your meals each day! You’re very creative in the kitchen 🙂

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