Waking up later is the best, and so are workout buddies

Waking up later is the best. I guess after waking up so early for so long, I forget how lovely it is to hear the birds when I open my eyes, to be able to see without a light, to see other people while I run.

I am adjusting to the closing shift this week, and my favorite part is waking up a few hours later. I am sleeping better, even though I think I am sleeping less. I used to try and get 9 hours, but the quality was…not that great. Now I get about 8, but I fall asleep pretty quick and stay asleep. This is a good thing.

My days look like this:



Gym time

Agava stuff

CTB till close



It is really relaxing actually. Sure, the shift is a bit harder because I am alone for the end and we get rushes, but I love my fellow closer and we get things done.

This morning I met my friend Bailey for a workout. 12×400 meters at the fastest pace I could sustain for them all without slowing down. We did them in about 80 seconds, which is a good starting point for this training cycle. This was my first workout on the track in over a year! I did all my workouts this winter on the treadmill.

I realized that I did have some reservations about meeting people for workouts, outside of the fact that I had to do them so early. The few women I knew to meet up with are FAST. And they were training for Boston, like peak fitness. I felt like I had a different fitness, and therefore my self esteem kept me from pursuing a workout buddy.

After Texas, I decided I was being a baby. I had been given the opportunity to wake up later and have training partners. Ladies who would make me faster. Who I could potentially enjoy workouts with. Who cares if they left me in the dust? That means I will always have someone to make me faster. And that is the goal.

Just show up. That’s all I have to do. I get left in the dust, it hurts, but having someone there, someone kind and who knows what you’re going through, it’s just a better workout. A better run. They make me better.

Running: 83 minutes

Breakfast: peaches and cream oatmeal with raspberries, trail mix and peanut butter

2 thoughts on “Waking up later is the best, and so are workout buddies”

  1. Haha – I go in such phases. I find when I have a stretch of non busy days, I get in the groove of sleeping in. But then after a few days, I yearn for an early morning. So I get up early, and then think “oh how much nicer it is to get up early this is what I always want to do!” But after getting up early many days in a row and having that my routine, a morning of sleep in has me thinking “oh how nice it is to get up later!” Aha. So I guess I’ll just keep going back and forth following what I feel I want to do. But I’m glad you are enjoying your extra sleep in, and glad you are sleeping with better quality.

    I think you just did something that is so engrained in us humans to find soooo difficult to do. Being vulnerable and pushing ourselves – next to someone who is potentially “faster/stronger/better/smarter” than us. But oh how it can make us grow!!

  2. I love that life is sooo peaceful and routine for you, and I love how you were able to do a partner workout with your friend. 🙂 And working out with other people is probably one of my favorite ways to work out. It makes the workouts fly by so quickly.

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