Volunteering and injuries

I want to talk about something today that crossed my mind when thinking about past injuries. I’ve signed up for races I’ve been unable to do because I was burned out or injured to the point of not wanting to run.

That sucks. If you’ve been there, you know. As a person who hold running closely, not being able to run for any length of time is challenging both mentally and physically. I thank the Lord I am not dealing with that right now, especially as the weather gets nicer.

When I have been injured, logically I have been told and think to myself “oh, instead of running the race, I can just volunteer instead.” As if that is somehow a replacement to feeling and being fit to race.

Don’t get me wrong, volunteering is really fun and totally necessary for our sport, however it is not a substitute for running the race, especially if it was something I had been training for. To be honest, volunteering at said race puts me in a worse spiral emotionally than I had already been in, because it reminds me of what I lost, what I don’t have, and how much better other people are than I.

Sure, I could work really hard to be positive, but in my raw emotional state, it ain’t happening and faking it as a volunteer at the race makes things worse.

This is why I do not volunteer at races I had signed up to run. My good friend and teammate summed it up quite nicely this morning for me when I asked if she was still traveling to Europe even when she is unable to run. She said “No. I do not want to spend the extra money when I am not racing. Not to mention the depression it will put me into.”

Jesus that’s so real. She still does what she can and volunteers with other events and organizations, like I do when I’m injured. However I support her and also do not want to volunteer to help at events we should be and trained to be racing. It’s actually a hindrance to our emotional recovery, and subsequently our physical recovery.

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