Upping the IG game

I used to think if you put effort into something, it had to be lucrative in some way. Like the effort deserved a monetary or some other material reward.

These days, my feelings have changed.

I think the process is the joy, the journey is the way and when you get money for your craft, it’s a job. Making it a job, rather than doing it for it’s own sake, takes some of the joy out of it.

This is a long way of saying, I’ve been really enjoying playing on Instagram. I enjoy taking nice pictures of my food. I like plating things in a way that makes me want to eat them.

Then, I enjoy eating them!

It’s fun and I find I am doing it just because it makes me smile. I have been more active on Instagram stories and IG live (I did one without pants on oops!) and it’s just really fun! That’s all I can say! I don’t feel personally fulfilled, I do not want to up my followers or make this competitive. I simply enjoy using the platform.

It brings me joy.

Because I like doing this, I actually decided to make a new IG for my food photos. I want them to be uniform, look nice and be their own thing.

I’ll still do all my daily adventures on my regular IG (@gazzellie) but will have a new one dedicated to my meals pretty soon.

The name I decided upon is @gazzellieeeats (how original right?) and that’s what it’ll be. No strings attached. I’ll give credit to everyone whose recipes I’ve taken inspiration from, I’ll take the companies of the products I use and I’ll answer any questions.

I’ll still blog here from time to time, but it will most likely be race recaps or training musings.

I want to make clear that I am NOT a recipe creator. I’m a person who loves food and likes to make it look pretty. Then, I like to eat it. If I find a way that works for me, I’ll share it, but always know someone else has probably done it before.

I am in no way original, I am myself, which is a product of all things around me combined in a unique way.

That is my IG in a nutshell. That is what I’ll continue to do.

I have not made my new IG live yet. I don’t even know if the username is available, so I will update if that changes.

Until then, happy running, eating and living!

One thought on “Upping the IG game”

  1. Yay for anything that makes you happy!! Who gives a damn about why or when or how. No one needs to know. Just do it. Do whatever gives you even the slightest bit of joy. I very much look forward to a uniform place to salivate over all your (gazelle)eats. Yum

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