The whiskey in the bathroom

Another Sunday morning opening at CTB. I kind of think of it as church. We found a bottle of whiskey in the bathroom. #blessed

Introducing caffeine hasn’t had any noticeable effect. I feel the same, and I only drink it with breakfast. So I take that as a good sign. Last night I could not sleep for anything, so I listened to the Ultrarunner Podcast with Courtney Dauwalter. What a badass! I think what I like most about her is that she gives no fucks. She wears what she wants, she runs what she wants. It’s just so nice to see a really great athlete like her.

She doesn’t have a coach, and determines what she does each day based on how she’s feeling. It could be a 20 miler, it could be a walk around the block. I really appreciate that.

Speaking of coaching, mine is the best. I think it helps that he’s also my best friend. We can talk about anything.

My sister sent me a few photos from the wedding. On each of the tables, there were those disposable cameras for everyone to take pictures with. We got them developed,

Early Sunday shift means I’m usually tired by 3PM. I’ll see if I get up to Agava today for some picture and video shooting. I can also just edit what I have here. The roads are kind of icy.

I tested out the Saucony KOA today and I like them. The shoes are really cushioned and roomy, since I got the men’s version. I most likely won’t use them for my next race, but maybe MOTG in June.

Breakfast today: cheddar chive biscuit egg sandwich

Running: 30 minutes easy

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