The First Workout

I began a new training cycle this past Monday. Some of it is what I’ve done before, other parts are new.

The first workout of each new training cycle is loaded for sure. It has the power to set the tone for the rest of the workouts, providing confidence or dread with each passing week.

I know that single workouts in themselves are a drop in the bucket. Good workouts happen, bad workouts happen, a single run is not definitive of a race season.

However, it is always the most exciting test in the beginning. I’ve been running mostly easy for the past month, so I’m technically unfit right now (unfit towards my racing goals, not unfit in a health sense).

How will my body and mind handle the new stimulus? 

What will my mindset be tomorrow?

Am I getting enough sleep? (no, I couldn’t fall asleep due to rolling thoughts about a completely different thing)

What happens if I cannot complete the workout?

I find that I structure workouts in the same way I structure races. I have A, B and C goals for them.

My “A” goal is to complete said workout exactly as I planned, no modifications and if I’m feeling good, amp it up at the end.

My “B” goal is to complete the workout with enough intensity to get the training stimulus I need, but not necessarily as long or as fast as I would have ideally gone.

My “C” goal is saved for if I feel sick or bad mentally, and I just start each interval, hold on as long as I can, and then recover as long as I need, and try again.

I guess a “D” goal would be to run easy and recover instead, but then I would switch this workout with an easier run later in the week and attempt it again.

I did my first workout Thursday morning and it went statistically perfect. I completed the mileage and intensity of the workout and finished feeling tired, but all there mentally.

I know this workout does not mean I will have a fantastic racing season, but it sure as hell makes me excited for my next run.

18 thoughts on “The First Workout”

  1. I love how you have A, B, C, and D goals… That first workout when you come back from an off season is tough, but just take it one step at a time. God Almighty carries us through each one.

  2. I recently took my first run the other day of the new year after taking some time off from the holidays. I thought I would struggle but it was complete opposite. I felt strong and kept a good pace. I think the time off did me well.

    1. Definitely did! I love the beginning of training just because it seems so fresh. I also love to talk about running when I am in the honeymoon phase and things are new!

  3. Congratulations. Let those proud feelings remind you how capable you are – even though you take off seasons you’ve essentially been training for years so you have the strength engrained in you to start back up even after rest – and let them propel you forward in this season with excitement

    1. Thanks Cora <3 I can see how this might be similar to how you feel when you begin a new script. Not sure if you've got it right and anxious about perfection. Luckily, this is why we both practice until we get it right 🙂

    1. I love the confidence it provides! I try to remember moments like these when I am in the middle of a training segment and my muscles are taking a beating.

  4. congrats on having a first great workout! you should feel proud and let those feelings keep on motivating you and propelling you throughout this next month!

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