The Final Days

I have two shifts left at my job. The job I’ve had for three years. The place my friends are, where I get most of my food and where my roots lie. Although I am really excited to be moving, I will miss it so much.

When I decided to take a job at a vegan cafe in Syracuse, I didn’t realize how big of a change it would be in terms of my vegan journey.

I will never have to touch or serve vegan food again if I don’t want to. 

There will not be non-vegan food in my fridge.

I will not have to ethically debate myself each time I make a sandwich.

That is kind of nuts.


The things I find normal; working with animal products, cooking beside my roommate while she makes meat, having to deflect questions about what the best turkey sandwich is will no longer apply to me.

I will live like a lot of other vegans, animal products don’t really enter their zone.

That is kind of frightening.

Ok, hear this out. Part of working with animal products means desensitizing myself while in that environment. I don’t often allow myself to get sad over a roast beef sandwich or the animal that was slaughtered for it simply because that would be inappropriate behavior at work. I’ve been able to put those horrible things outside my mind.

This is good and bad. Good because I am a happy person and getting upset every second is just not how I want to live my life. Bad because it has also hindered my activism at points. I sometimes don’t think about it, being vegan. I know I will always make the right choice for me, but when my coworker’s or customers have questions, being desensitized means I do not always provide an appropriate ethical answer.

I will not have to think outside the vegan bubble anymore. Everything in my life will be vegan.


If I haven’t alluded to this yet, this means I can be a more effective activist because every person around me also has my same ideology. I don’t have to desensitize myself to my job, I can embrace it.

I’m not the oddity anymore.

I will miss CTB so much, but I’m ready to experience a fully vegan life.

Two more days.

14 thoughts on “The Final Days”

  1. Great post, and good luck! I would encourage you to spend some time outside the bubble on purpose. Why? Non-vegans eating vegan food once in awhile are going to be responsible for a whole lot of positive change in our world. Best to learn how they think and be among them, so your advocacy can have the greatest effect.

    1. I totally agree Alan. I’ve been in that position since I Went vegan 3 years ago and do see all the positive change. I plan to continue that activism. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  2. What an interesting change this will be for you! I feel like working in a non-vegan shop for you would be like working in a regular bakery for me – I would have NO idea what gluten breads were better than the others as I couldn’t eat them!

  3. This is really cool Ellie! I never really thought about what it would be like for you as a vegan to serve non-vegan food. Though I am not vegan, it’s easy for me to go ahead and serve vegan or vegetarian friends meals because it has no impact on my ethical compass, but the reverse isn’t always true, and that’s never something I’ve ever thought about. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I love seeing people following their conscience and morals and it makes me so happy that you will be able to do so more easily!

  4. Well by now those two days are up… I hope your last day made you feel a sense of positive closure. I know you were appreciated very much at your old job so I hope you felt that – I know you will be missed. I do think this is going to be an interesting shift and change of lifestyle for you – and one that you need to experience. I wonder if you’ve thought about the feelings that may arise when you are put back into a non-vegan setting after being around solely vegan fare… do you think that it will be harder now to face those roast beef sandwiches etc? I hope you are so excited and feeling positive. I need to send you another email… its on my list. <3

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