The blank slate that is a finished race

Good news, I think my ankle is mostly healed. It had a lot of bruises and was tender for a while, but they are subsiding and I should be able to stop using my ankle sleeve soon. Good riddance to that because it’s starting to get gross and I haven’t done laundry since the race.

As my last race gets closer, I’ve tried to stop myself from thinking what’s next. I’m favoring road running right now, with trails sprinkled in. It feels right and I feel happy, that’s what matters to me. I do want to reflect on what this summer and the triad has been for me. It’s been a long training and racing cycle. It’s been fun and I’ve learned a lot but it’s been long. I am tempted to think about what’s next, but also I want to have that mysterious “whatever” period after the race too.

Mentally, thinking about what may be next, but not committing helps relieve myself of the pressure of racing. It helps to know that even though I’ve trained hard for my races, there will be others. Other races, other runs, more times spent running with cool people and in cool places. That is exciting. Finishing a race is always great, but having an open book to what is next is also quite fun.

I’ve been running getting back to consistency while not really pushing anything. I don’t see the point in anything other than a few tune up workouts before races day. A few hills, strides or 400s. To rev the engine without putting myself further into debt.

My crew (my friends Danielle and Jeff) are beginning to plan how to best help me at Twisted. I really don’t know what I am doing, so it will be a learning experience for all involved.

Until then, pancakes, easy runs and enjoying the end of the training cycle.

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