Texas is in 8 days and how I think about food and running

I can’t believe I am going to Texas in 8 days. When we first started planning this trip, it seemed so far away, and now it’s here.

I can’t wait for a break. I can’t wait to travel with my sister. I can’t wait to watch her run her first marathon. This will be so fun!

I think I’m going to leave my van at my parent’s house for the week, and maybe have it taken to the shop to get some of the winter wear taken care of. There is a bit of rust I’d like to address before they become a problem.

This morning I had an hour easy on the docket, and my legs were already tired in the first mile. I didn’t sleep so well last night and had really restless legs. Therefore I don’t think I shut down completely. I’ll try to sleep more tonight. If I want to have a chance in finishing this marathon, I’ve gotta be all over this taper. Tomorrow I’ve got 13 miles with a tempo section, so rest starts now.

I’ve started thinking about my eating in terms of tomorrow’s run. It’s a weird thing and I’m not sure why this is dawning on me now, but if I think about not being hungry, being over hungry or just having a hard time with food that day for some reason, I try to think about how I want to feel in my workout the next day. If I think I ate too much or if I only want to eat junk food, I try to tell myself that the extra food is for tomorrow’s run. I also remind myself that I feel better when I eat healthy foods. My running is better and I also enjoy those foods more. Sometimes I think society tells me I should want greasy, sugary foods when really I’m happy with plain Jane stuff.

Or I’m just boring. One or the other.

Breakfast: blueberry scone with peanut butter

Running: 60 minutes

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