Take The Compliment

I think my biggest running pet peeve is people who do not know how to take a compliment. Actually, this is probably my biggest pet peeve in life.

I used to be this person.

“Who me? What? I am actually good at something? NO! Blasphemy! I am just average, [insert name here] is so much better!”

Yup, that was me. Part of it was my upbringing in the church. Always best to be humble because of what the Lord did for you. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but let’s be honest, Jesus Christ himself was not talking about being appreciative of talent.

He was telling the obnoxious, self-absorbed Pharisees to not be so full of themselves.

Half of my interactions with friends, readers or potential clients (health coach remember) is me telling them they need to accept the compliments people give them.

Just say THANK YOU God damn it!

The second part of this neuroses that I used have stemmed from being a woman.

Yup, I’m one of them as well. We women are taught to be quiet, and passive. Anything else is seen as a big ol’ BITCH.

Don’t exert yourself. Don’t instruct anyone, God forbid it be a man. Don’t have opinions. Don’t accept any form of flattery.

That’s not attractive.

Well, I’m here to say YES IT IS!

When women appreciate their talents, their dreams, their accomplishments, no matter what they are,


Yes, I just called YOU sexy! When I tell you I am in awe of what you did and you smile and say thank you…WHEW I am enamored with you.


That is the level I appreciate women who know how to take a compliment. Automatically I want to be your best friend.

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Because when a woman does not know how to take a compliment or always puts herself down is someone whom I will need to spend 95% of our time together building up. The “friendship” will become a huge energy suck for me and let me tell you, that is crap.

I don’t deserve it, and neither does any other woman.

If not for your own well-being, you should learn to take compliments because it makes the lives of your loved ones easier. They won’t have to work so hard to be your friend.

There, not only are you AWESOME, you are also SELF-LESS and a GREAT FRIEND.

I’m going to end this here.

Just take the damn compliment babe. You deserve it.

15 thoughts on “Take The Compliment”

  1. I have always been bad at taking compliments, however, Jesse totally changed that. A few years ago he told me I couldn’t deny a complinent that he gave me or I had to give him $5 – and he totally enforced it – and it worked! Doing that with him then made me better at accepting compliments from others too!

  2. Preeeeaaaach. You know, I remember the specific moment maybe 2 years ago when i decided I was a) no longer going to say sorry for things I wasn’t actually sorry for and b) start actually saying thank you (or even, yes I agree! Or yes I did work hard!) when I got a compliment. It’s been a very conscience thing for me over These past couple years and I have to make the mental choice every time, but you know what… It feels SO much better. Both for me and for the person giving me the compliment. We can then both appreciate what was done and revel in that rather than playing the annoying “fishing for more compliments” game.

    1. OMG I HATE FISHERS!!! People who put themselves down just so you will tell them they are great. Ok, I don’t hate anyone, but these people I avoid like the plague. They seriously bring me down.

  3. I’m not a type of confident girl. So when someone gives me a compliment, I just don’t know what I have to say. It’s so confusing and makes me blush. Your advices’re so helpful. Thanks so much!

  4. Yesss love this. It has taken me a while to learn how to take the compliment. When someone says something kind to you, believe them and THANK them. 🙂 great post love

  5. I definity will take compliments for my friends. I pround of my friends. They are funny, friendly, good for me. I think if you treat someone well, such as a compliment. You will get what you deserve! Btw, I absolutely agree with you

  6. Thank you so much for. I felt like I found out myself in your post. I used to ask myself, “What am I? Who will I be? What can I do? Should I do that? Does this satisfy everyone?” Oh, damn it! I lived for everyone, but me. I just want to do what I want, what make me happy and always confident in myself now. Love you <3

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