Syracuse Half Marathon 2017

We all know how this went down last year…

…thankfully the weather was solid and I didn’t have to de-ice my eyes.

I was a bit nervous going into the race because my training has been interesting to put it mildly. I was super nervous all week and only started to relax when I saw my teammates before the race on Saturday. I lowered any expectations and just ran.

Pre-race I was able to jog and get a good warm-up in. I saw a few teammates at the start line and actually ended up running with one of them, Mike, the whole time.

[photo credit: Laura Kline] We started off and I felt ok. I don’t really ever feel good going into a fast race untrained, but also being uncomfortable is just expected. Mike and I stayed within a couple strides of each other the whole race and it helped my confidence to have a friend I knew near me.

The race went through the major sections of Syracuse and at one point, ran by my house. It was at about mile 9 and the fact that I could turn to the right and get in my bed or keep running kind of out a damper on my spirits. During the middle miles, Mike and I were chased by this student from Cornell who breathed so loud I wasn’t sure if I was going to have to perform surgery on his trachea. Honestly, kudos to him for keeping up with us for that long, I don’t know how smokers do it.

The last three miles were a bear. My lack of fitness was present and the wind was pretty good. I counted down the last miles in search of some inspiration to keep up the pace.

[photo credit: Joel Capolongo] I finished in 1:23:00 exactly. 2nd female and 44th overall. I lost to the same woman as last year. No shame, she’s incredible!

Mike finished about 30 seconds ahead of me and also has what is essentially a broken leg. Yup, he ran on that and crushed it.

All in all, a good effort I’m happy with.

I want to thank Ian Golden from Red Newt Racing (my racing team) for his continual support and guidance. All the clothing I ran in was from his store, The Finger Lakes Running Company.

I also want to thank my shoe sponsor, On Running for the shoes I raced in and making me a part of their 2017-18 athlete team. I ran in the Cloud and they were perfect.

Also, continued love to Barney Butter and Strong Hearts Vegan Power both of which I cannot do without.

[photo credit: Suzie Constantin] More about that in a future post.

16 thoughts on “Syracuse Half Marathon 2017”

  1. It’s so amazing how you said you had a lack of fitness because 1:23:00 would be like a dream time that I don’t think I would ever run, because I’m just not that pace. O_O I love how your team mates were there to motivate you.

    1. The guy I ran with, Mike, said he would know the smokers breathing anywhere as he smoked for 12 years before quitting. I guess I cannot confirm it as I did not ask the guy myself. Thanks for reminding me not to judge.

  2. Congrats on an amazing performance! I was in Rochester for the weekend and had several people on my flight out Sunday with Syracuse Half shirts on. It was definitely a beautiful weekend to run up there!

  3. Congrats! That race pic from 2016 looks cold. I’m glad this year was a little better. And oh my gosh, Ellie, 2nd place female and 44th overall is incredible. YOU crushed it.

  4. “I lowered any expectations and just ran”. I’m making you a T-shirt with this on it.

    ConGRATulations girl. This is amazing. Especially how your gratitude for your friends and running partners seeps through each word of this post. And for not taking a detour into your bed. Be proud, you rock star.

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