Strength work and visiting the parents

My Sunday began with 11 miles fromTurkey Hill to Forest Home. It was an ok run. My hip flexor started acting wonky towards the end of my runs this past week. I decided to work on this now before it becomes an issue. I spoke with a fellow trail runner and friend Danielle who lifts quite a lot (it’s a hobby, she’s a power lifter) and she gave me an idea of what I can do.

So yesterday morning I went to the gym and spent an hour lifting weights. It was actually kind of traditional and challenging. I am sore today, but it’s a good sore. My goal is injury prevention, not really strength. I feel like strengthening my lower limbs in this way will help.

After that I got lunch at Greenstar, dessert at Wegmans and went to hang with my parents for a few hours. My dad showed me the plot of land he envisions for my future. It’s quaint and adorable of course. I’ll keep that idea on the back burner. I could always live out of my van there for a week or so. A vacation. Lake view through the trees and my own well! My dad should have been a real estate agent.

I also worked a bit with and talked with my mom. She’s getting spring clothes out on the floor and putting winter things away. What I like most is talking with her, even if it gets painful or not happy. She shared some unfortunate news with me, so I’ll keep that in my prayers this week.

I also picked up my mail and I have a clean bill of health at the Gyno and my Empire Pass for all the state parks came in! I can now go to all of them for free!

I ended the night taking pictures at Agava and eating dinner. A great Sunday.

Breakfast: chocolate peanut butter and banana overnight oats with cashews and pumpkin seeds

Running: REST, I did Trail Runner Body instead

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  1. It’d be interesting to hear more about how you strength train with injury prevention as the main focus. Is the thinking just that, with stronger muscles comes more resilience to injury? Glad you had some nice catch up time with your parents. I’m sure they love their conversations with you, no matter what they are.

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