Starting to run again and Holiday things

Last week, I started to run again. I felt good and recovered enough to move a bit more than a walk and elevate my HR a bit.

I kept all my runs to about an hour with one longer run of 10 miles on Friday. All of them were on the treadmill as Syracuse got a large quantity of snow this week. I’m not complaining because zoning out listening to podcasts felt really good.

Running felt good.

No workouts, no mile paces to hit or number to reach. Just good running and base mileage.

I keep up with a lot of other athletes on Strava (the elites I just ran with at TNF actually) and some of them began running a bit this week, others not so much. That goes to show that we all need different types of recovery.

I’m not starting to train again until January. No focused workouts or running if I don’t want to. I might do a progression run or fartlek if I’m feeling good before then and it sounds fun. I hesitate to run outside right now for two reasons:

1.) I run at 6AM and it’s dark

2.) I don’t know where I am going

Honorary reason 3.) It’s freezing, wet, slushy and I don’t want to fall

Besides running, I started my job at Strong Hearts Cafe this week. There is a lot to learn, but the environment is such that I will pick it up quickly. The people are productive and nice, the food is delicious. I’m enjoying it.

I got invited last minute on Saturday to go to Disney on Ice with my sister and her boyfriend’s family. When I say last minute, that really is what I mean. I was on my way back to Syracuse from Ithaca and my sister called. I had 40 minutes to get there (a usual hour long car ride)…and I got there.

It was magical and fun and all that jazz. I’m glad I went, my sister and I usually have a lot of fun.

I went to a cookie party with my friend Suzie (hey guuuuuuuuuuuurl!) and got a goodie bag to take home.

When I finished it, I decided to make some of my own. I don’t have an oven, so no bakes are my friend. I made dark chocolate PB cups. The chocolate recipe is from this post by Leah.

They turned out pretty good, but chocolate and peanut butter are hard to get wrong.

This week contains more work, seeing friends and enjoying the Syracuse weather.

Happy Holidays!

16 thoughts on “Starting to run again and Holiday things”

    1. I am a podcast junkie! I love Rich Roll, Runner’s Connect, Talk Ultra, Real Talk Radio, No Meat Athlete, Endurance Planet, Trail Runner Nation, a lot of things!

  1. I wish I could run before going to work, but I hate to run in the dark! I don’t have a gym membership so I am going to have to be brave and run outside as it gets colder. Wish me luck!
    Disney on Ice sounds like something my niece would LOVE.

  2. Ooh you even got a goodie bag to take home from the party. I’m so thankful that you are in such a wonderful new environment. God is taking care of you, His precious daughter. And I really don’t like running the dark, so I usually go after 9 AM(ish).

  3. Oh my goodness Disney on Ice seems AMAZING! My friend brought me to Disney World last January and it was so great. I cried during all the shows I went to because I got so nostalgic and I love the music so much. Zoning out to podcasts sounds so great, definitely makes the treadmill more fun. Also! I started listening to the Rich Roll podcast at your suggestion and it’s my favorite long-run podcast and I talk about it to everyone!

  4. Aww, I love festive holiday things! Frozen on Ice sounds like a blast! As does a cookie party! I’m glad you’re liking your new job. I know you’ll earn the ins and outs fast!

  5. I really dig the idea of you NOT falling outside on the cold ice. I support this decision.
    Disney on Ice!! Haha oh my gosh. I went when I was little and still remember it as the most magical experiences I had growing up. I’d do it again, 20 some years later. Hope work is going okay!

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