Sputtering Out

Running longer miles is something my body needs to adjust to with every training cycle. When it’s not used to that stress, it does funny things.

Case in point, my long progression run last Saturday. This was my first longer effort that included some faster tempo miles. I tried to shoot for the moon, and I missed.

I warmed up for about 3 miles, and then settled into a tempo pace I figured I could hold for 10 miles and then cool down for the last 3, making it a 16 mile day.

Well, my body was not ready for it, and after 6 tempo miles, I threw in the towel, slowed down a bit and finished in some minor uncomfort and dehydration.

What happened? Well, running at tempo is something that is uncomfortable, but still safe. I figured I would be able to “grit” it out for 10 miles. Just keep going. My body had other plans. I think the run was also on fatigued legs because I had to move some runs around this week to accommodate for days off. I like to run long on days off, which meant I did this run the day after 10 miles.

I also forgot my water bottle (something I do frequently) and my digestive system started to freak out at the end. I felt a bit crampy and gaseous and at mile 10.5 I stopped to go to the bathroom. I also brought my water bottle back to the mill with me, so the rest of the run was ok.

However, it’s hard to come back from overdoing it, at least that quickly.

This run still had some benefit in getting more used to longer runs with faster miles in them.

I was simply over ambitious and will be smarter next time.

This is my last week of higher mileage, and next week will be a lot lighter and recovery focused.

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Goals for the week: try not to get overwhelmed, take each day, each run, at a time.

14 thoughts on “Sputtering Out”

  1. Such good goals… I’ve definitely had the runs where I’ve gone out too fast and sputtered out but still been able to finish. You’re taking each lesson and learning and growing, and I’m learning from you too with all these ups and downs in the running journey. 🙂 Thanks Ellie. <3

  2. I like your goals of not getting overwhelmed and taking it one day and run at a time! That’s the way to be and it’s a good reminder for us all 🙂

    1. Thanks Allie! I wonder if animals think of it that way too? Like, “SQUIRREL!” or, “Hmm, first I am going to chase the squirrel and then I will stop and lick myself”

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