Sprint the hills and eating bananas again

Whew! 12 miles where I was supposed to “sprint the hills”.

I am not sure what sprinting the hills means actually, but I gave it my best go. What a great workout! I am actually more a fan of doing things like hills and fartleks than intervals on the track. I like to be outside (I did all my speed work on the treadmill this winter) but because I am not from a track background, I am not so great with pacing.

It feels good to train.

I thought I would be ready for a break by now. I was looking forward to the race because I enjoy racing and was ready, but also because my body was ready. Then life happened…and I’ve got another few weeks to go. Oh well, my coach will get me there physically and the Iron Lady will get me to the start line.

Today I am having my normal breakfast of oatmeal with banana and sunflower butter…but I haven’t had it since getting sick. I tried to eat a banana on the day I was ill and threw it up…so I just haven’t been able to eat them. Today though, it sounded good.

Running: 126 minutes

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