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About a month ago, I was hired as the social media manager for a local Ithaca restaurant. This is not the one I work full-time for, but it is owned by the same people.

Essentially the situation is I work remote mostly during the week when I have time, and try to get up to the restaurant itself once or twice a week for pictures and to work in the office.

What I do is mostly on Instagram, Facebook and now Twitter, so it’s a lot of social media…so much so I neglect my own ha!

When I look at my week, I budget my time around two things: my full time job and running. I schedule in my shifts at CTB, then plug in my runs (which happen every morning), then take the rest of the hours in the week and see where I can do social media.

My day starts with running, then depending on my CTB schedule, I’ll do social media for Agava, then close at CTB or I work the day shift, and do social media for Agava afterwards. If my shift ends at 2PM, meaning I had an opening shift, I try to go up to Agava to work there and take pictures. I can do most of the work remotely, but being around the staff and being able to ask my bosses questions helps my work.

I can also use their resources and get quick answers to my questions.

When I work remotely, I schedule a daily Facebook post, IG post and Twitter. Usually the FB and Twitter are done in advance, so the only live thing I do is IG and engagement across those platforms.

There are of course the nightly specials and other things I Tweet out to keep people up to date and current, but I try to have at least a post across the platforms scheduled each day. This way I can spend more time editing or working on long term projects.

On my weekly day off from CTB, I work with my coach so it’s usually a long run day. Then I have time to relax and eat a good breakfast before I head to Agava to get work done. On my Saturday of from CTB I work in the morning at the gym, then have a meeting with my boss at Agava in the afternoon. It is then he tells me what’s been going well, what I can do better and what to focus on in the week. Since I’m up there, I also try to get footage.

Another thing I do is their newsletter. The newsletter is called East Enders and it gives the members weekly deals and discounts. It’s a really great deal, as it’s free to sign up and the deals are quite good. The newsletter also has our events, live music and other tidbits I find interesting. I like doing that very much!

So that’s basically it. Any questions?

Oh and to see my art in action, follow us! @agava_restaurant

6 thoughts on “Social Media Managing”

  1. It’s amazing to me how much of a go getter you are Ellie; I loved watching your video about a day in your life, because it sounds like you’re so active. You’re definitely not one to twiddle your thumbs; that social media job sounds like it does take a lot of work! And it sounds like you do an excellent job.

  2. so cool about your job as a social media manager. that’s awesome girl! your day sounds pretty packed but it sounds like your doing a great job of managing it all AND living in a van 🙂 xoxo

  3. They’re lucky to have you. It feels good to be a bit of a self-entrepreneur doesn’t it? I like the high of scheduling my days and fitting things in and “working from home”. You are sure busy busy busy though! I hope you are enjoying it all.

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