In-Season Off Season

After tomorrow (or today’s) race depending on when this gets published, I have decided to take an off season.

My body is telling me it’s time. I could push it and train for something, but I am not emotionally invested enough in a race to do so.

Two halfs, an ultra and a very busy job has done me in for now. I woke up this morning feeling like I ran a marathon yesterday, and it was just my job and a light training day.

This is not right nor safe for a racing schedule, at least not for me.

I will take this off season to rest and heal my body both mentally and physically, use the results from Inside Tracker to help with nutrition and just, enjoy the warm weather in Syracuse.

Rest, heal and explore.

When I first moved to Ithaca, I was not racing, just building a consistent running base. I allowed myself to explore, go on runs where I didn’t know the distance or pace, get lost.

When I moved to Syracuse, I started a training plan where I ran on the treadmill because the winter was awful and I had no idea where I was. Syracuse is a city, Ithaca is a crunchy town. Difference.

I built up, got niggles. Training for Caumsett 50K interrupted and I didn’t do it.

I built back up. Raced the Syracuse half and Naked Prussian, got a niggle and training was interrupted again. I’ve been on and off since then nursing an Achilles niggle.

Work has gotten extremely busy, but insanely satisfying as well. I enjoy the environment, my coworkers are great and it’s what I want to be doing. However, my 8-9 hour workday is a training session in itself. I did not account for this in my weekly mileage or attempt to recover more from this. I simply expected my body to adapt.

Stress upon stress does not lead to adaption.

Rest leads to adaption.

So that’s where I’m at. I am healing my Achilles. Allowing my body and mind to relax. Getting to know my city so when I decide to train again, I will be more familiar.

I am deciding to be more focused on recovering from my daily job stress than attempting to crank out 90 mile weeks.

I am deciding to take the advice from Inside Tracker and apply it as best I can, but not obsessively. Honestly I don’t want to think about that too much, about nutrition for myself right now, so I’m giving them the reigns and I will follow the instructions.

I may not have run Boston or Lake Sonoma or anything like that, but my body has the fatigue of a fast marathon or ultra and it is telling me to relax and enjoy May in whatever way I choose.

See you out there…eventually 🙂

16 thoughts on “In-Season Off Season”

  1. Your balance as a runner AMAZES me Ellie. You get out there and run hard and you rest hard. You’re my inspiration. Though we don’t run the same distances, I love your mindset, and it has really influenced and helped me to appreciate rest and running. 🙂

  2. Love that you have such great balance! That’s something that never came easy for me… it was either push push push or be forced to sit out with an injury. Clearly I had a lot of learning to do in the past year or so haha

  3. “Stress upon stress does not lead to adaption.” I could own a t-shirt store by now with all the Ellie quotes I want to capture.
    I wish I could have half the amount of real self-awareness and ability to do what is truly best for myself as you have. You got this girl. How did day one go?

  4. You should take some time off to relax your body. It would be very tiresome if we tried many things. And more, marathons need lots of energy. Have a lot of energy to run 😉

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