Running Links [09/11/2016]

Good morning, happy weekend, happy Sunday!

Before rambling on a bit in this post, I want to take a moment to remember that fateful day 15 years ago when terrorism came into mainstream American consciousness. I want to ask you to stop, be still and say a prayer for those who were lost, the loved ones they left behind and all the future people we have and will lose to terrorism.

I still remember exactly where I was when those planes hit the Twin Towers. 9/11 will forever be emblazoned in my mind as a horrific event, but also planted a sense of hope and community as well. Americans came together, cried together and rebuilt together. I have faith that someday we will not be plagued with this threats of violence, but live in a peaceful era of happiness and togetherness.

To say that this week has been full would be an understatement. I did not have classes at IIN this week, so I thought I would have some time to go back through and rewatch a few lectures, plan future blogs and even relax. Of course this never happens!

I ended up with a 6 day work week, a good old cry on Friday and finally sitting right now (at 6PM on Saturday) to breathe. On Friday, I found out I had to work Saturday which through my “plans” into a dither. I wanted to begin to work on other projects and also do some school work today, not work at CTB. The stress hit me and I lost it. I cried. I cried at work. I felt helpless, small and like I was never going to get anything done.

It really sucked to feel those feelings.

But you know what? My coworkers were awesome and gave me space and time. My sister was wonderful because she texted me through it. I prayed a whole hell of a lot, and God relaxed me. I realized a few things:

1.) My job at CTB pays my bills. This is important.

2.) The plans I have for the blog have no time constraint. I can work on them whenever.

3.) I had no school this week, which is a blessing. I am not behind.

4.) I am not a food blog so therefore I do not need to have elaborate photo shoots if I do not have time.

5.) It will all get done.

Whew, I feel better!

This morning (Saturday) I also did something on my run that is a rite of passage. I pooped in the woods! Yes, I was scared to do it. Yes, I was afraid of getting messy. However, I still have some leaky gut from a few weeks ago, so a bathroom is a necessity during my jogs.

Deserted road + trees and bushes + Ellie’s gotta go = POOPING IN THE WOODS!

I feel like a real trail runner now (even though my run was on pavement…)

Running Links

Speaking of running, I’ve got some links for you! The first one is a bit old, but so important I could not share. Of course, the other links are good too so I encourage you to pin this post so refer back. If you aren’t already, I pin tons of articles not just about running, but about nutrition, motivation, blogging, recipes and funny things to make you laugh over on Pinterest. Check me out!

Enjoy the links and have a great day!

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