Running Links [07/31/2016]

Good morning everyone!

To say I am refreshed is an understatement. I had the past two days off and don’t have to work until noon today (HAPPY DANCE!). I needed the few days to both relax a bit and also catch up on school work. I am proud to say after starting the program three weeks late, I finished module 1 last night and only need to finish module 2 today to get completely caught up.

I think this program will change my life. I’ve already started cooking more and just, thinking more I suppose. Too often I get sucked into life and not in a Henry David Thoreau way. More of a go-through-the-motions-because-all-I-want-to-do-is-run way. I am present for life, but it’s not hard. I don’t use my brain as much as I should. This past week reminded me of how much energy it takes! On Saturday afternoon, I made the conscious decision to read click-bait junk and magazines because my brain needed a break.

I haven’t taken a brain break since college! I quite enjoyed it!

What I most enjoyed about module 1 was the piece about setting intentions for what I want this certification to bring to me. I took time to actually dream away and organize (haha) what I would ideally love to be doing. It was glorious and gave me some focus. I am so happy God opened this door for me.

Running Links

This week’s links are great reads! I’m thinking about adding nutrition/health related articles to next week if I come across anything I think is interesting. Is that something you would like to see? I actually use these links in my own training, so I assume that if I want to remember something for school, putting it here would help. I guess you’ll see what I decide next week.

Enjoy the reads and have a great Sunday!

Why Add Speed Training To Marathon Training? via Tina Muir

Dear Lauren Fleshman via Salty Running

0.03 Seconds via Amanda Eccleston Runs

Sanjuanita Martinez, Cornell Running Star, Protests on the Track via Salty Running

What To Do After A Morning Long Run via Skora Running

Balancing Expectations and Progress via Going Big or Going Home

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