Running Links [06/26/2016]

Happy Sunday everyone! I am coming off a rough morning in regard to running and eating, which I will post about tomorrow. I’m fine physically. I’m not sick, but I’m mentally drained from overthinking the past week. Today I am prioritizing self care and nourishment. I have to work later, but I need to be around my friends and coworkers. Some days even the most introverted person like myself needs some energy from other people.

Today’s links are appropriate to my life, especially the one by Anna Weber. If you have ever struggled with wondering what path athletics may take for you, it’s an honest read. So many of you are personal trainers or health coaches, so put the article into your context. She hits things on the head.

Running Links

Enjoy the day!
Awkward Runners World Covers via Runners World

Deliberate Practice For Runners via Salty Running

Why I Started Drinking Coffee via Tina Muir

Going Big, Or Going Home via Anna Weber

SaltyValu Lounging via Salty Running

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    1. Yes it is, but if you like it I think it’s something to look into. Not even as a career, but as a hobby. I think your blog fits perfectly for that!

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