YOUR FEEDBACK and Running Links [05/08/2016]

Good morning everyone and welcome to my new blog!

This morning I don’t really feel prepared yet to introduce new content (outside of a WHOLE NEW BLOG!) so I hope you’ll bear with me a few more days while I get things going over here.

A small update: running is good, recipes are coming and I’m still heading to Cape Cod next weekend with SHVP

I want this blog to both chronicle my running and vegan lifestyle, but I also want to hear from all of you. I don’t consider myself an expert in any way, but I am a person with a lived experience. I do have ideas, reasons why I do things and think that if more people shared their opinions we would all benefit. Some of the most influential people in my life have no medical degree, no data other than themselves, but have provided an experience that I can resonate with, so I took some of the advice they gave and ended up with a great result.

What do you like about my blog? What keeps you coming back? What can I improve? Do you want more specific, nitty-gritty training details? More quick meal recipes? More vegan information? I love it all, so I want to connect to you. My lived experience is just that, mine, but I think if you read it and get something out of it, isn’t that the point? Isn’t why we read on some level because we relate to something or want to relate to something?

Running Links

Well, with that call for feedback, I’ll leave you with some articles I read this past week. I hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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5 Reasons Why You (Yes, You) Need 1-2 Weeks Off After A Marathon via Tina Muir

The Race Process via Belle Lap

Let’s Talk About Rest Days via Blissful Lyss

That’s Not Fat: How Ryan Hall Gained 40lbs of Muscle via Runners World

Recovery From Any Race Like A Pro via Fit Bit Blog (Ryan Hall)

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5 thoughts on “YOUR FEEDBACK and Running Links [05/08/2016]”

  1. Hi- love the blog. And I love the brown banana background because that is also how I love my bananas 🙂

    I enjoy reading about your training- ALL the nitty gritty including any cross training and supplemental exercises – and your goals and your pre-run/post-run and daily fueling. I also like hearing about your work life and the occasional comments about your family life because we seem to have similar family backgrounds.

    Anything else you could offer in terms of what you think about when your body is screaming at you in pain during a workout might help me. I like your breakfast and any nut butter and protein powder mix-in ideas (I’m not a big savory eater so anything breakfast or peanut butter/almond butter smoothies, pancakes, mixin bowls, etc 🙂 ) Keep up the great work!

    You will be running by my parents’ house – they live in Brewster on the Cape.

    1. Thanks so much for finding me again on my new blog Amanda! I will continue to do just what you request. I want to go deeper into some things, like pain, motivation, balance, joy etc and I do have a recipe series coming (look for the first one tomorrow).

      Thank you for always asking questions, giving advice and just reading. I feel like we would be friends IRL

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