When Running Feels Good

I love running right now.

I feel strong. I feel confident. I feel ready to bloom.

After a less than amazing summer of running, I planned to take time after Watergap off. However, the running Gods had other plans for me.

I raced again. I kept running. I found my happy place again. I am ready to finish the season strong and content.

In my experience, I will always run even if it doesn’t feel ideal.

For me, less than ideal running looks like this:


1.) Runs feel blah no matter the pace. I could be doing a workout or an easy run and it all feels the same. Blah. Sluggish. Mentally draining. Ew.

2.) I get sore more often and start to neglect strength training.

3.) I do not sleep well.

4.) I am on constant worry for injury because I know something I am doing isn’t working, but I’m too tired (see above) to figure out what it is.

5.) I use races (like the Syracuse half marathon) to kick my own ass and try to get me out of that funk. I need races to be motivated, even if I know I am undertrained.

On the flip side (how I feel now) running looks like this:


1.) I jump out of bed to get out there each morning.

2.) I cook more nutritious meals for myself and am motivated to do so.

3.) Running feels, not easy all the time, but everything feels manageable. Workouts are hard, but it’s nothing I doubt I can do if I try hard.

4.) I cannot contain my excitement to race because I know I am fit.

I am in this blessed state of ready to go and get after it, but also content with where I am and my running at the moment. If I never race or PR again, it’s ok, because I love to run. I will never stop (I mean that in a long term sense, not an off season sense).

Most of all, I let myself enjoy every step, every breath, every drop of sweat because I know it’s my lifeline.

Running keeps me alive. Time to get after it.

31 thoughts on “When Running Feels Good”

  1. I too am loving where my running is at right now. I’m five weeks into my 30 week training schedule for my first 50k next May and am seeing steady improvement.

    Nice to hear you’ve gotten your mojo back.

  2. I’m totally in the first category right now. Mostly because I’m not getting enough sleep and it’s starting to be cold out. I think.

    I think I really need a break, though, and just run for fun.

  3. And I think this can go for any passion. We need to embrace the high points and phases where everything just feels “right,” so that when we are in a phase where things feel hard, we can remind ourselves that it’s not permanent and the good will come back again. . SO happy to hear how you are currently feeling. Celebrate it!!

  4. Yayyy for feeling excited to run again !
    Your post is so inspirational as well as motivational that make me want to run hard immediately haha
    Gonna save it for friends, and me also, in the future in case i feel too bored to run haha
    Have a good week Ellie !

  5. For me, running step away from my stress and instead help me to focus solely on body movement and breathing.
    There are many reason to make me motivate to wake up every day early morning for run.
    And the pure air in morning is the most thing for me.
    Have a nice weekend, Ellie

  6. Thanks for your sharing. Sometimes I am lazy even I know running is a good exercise for my health. haha. Weird! I will try to take a deep breath and focus on running, keep it up and don’t give up. Thanks,

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