RunGum Squad 2017

During my last race, I decided to try something new (not new on the day, but new in racing as you all know NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY)

At mile 25 and 40 I took a sports product called Run Gum which essentially is a caffeinated performance enhancement. It was created by Olympian Nick Symmonds as a way to get the effects of caffeine without the sloshing from coffee or sports drinks.

“Our energy gum is packed with caffeine, taurine, and b-vitamins, similar to many energy drinks and energy shots, only you don’t need to put anything in your stomach. Plus, since our caffeine is delivered as gum, it enters your system faster than drinks, shots or gels.”

Run Gum website

I first tried it during my long treadmill marathon, enjoyed the way it gave me a bit of mental clarity and focus, so I decided to use it at the 50 miler.

At mile 25, I was still coming back from nearly getting thrown off the trail and feeling off balance maneuvering around the side of a mountain. I enjoyed the immediate flavor the gum provided and also the immediate result from the caffeine. It helped bring me out of my slump and also gave me the focus to not fall off the side of the cliff on the out and back.

I took the gum again at mile 40 right before the steep climbs and although it was not a panacea,  it made my thoughts less negative and the hill seemed more reasonable.

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I will most likely use Run Gum at my future races because I think it would also booster performance for half marathons if taken at the starting line.

It is for these reasons I applied and was accepted to be a Run Gum ambassador for 2017. This means that I will represent a company I both enjoy using and support their message. Nick has been a voice for athletes and very vocal about our rights these past few years so although I am not a track and field elite athlete, I appreciate what he is doing for the running community.

I will share updates as I get them, but right now you can use my code DECSQUAD2017 to get 15% off your online purchases at

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask! This product is not just for runners, but for all people who like to get outside and be active.

Try the product, have a great season!

See you out there!

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