Resources for those feeling lost

This past week was very emotional for me. I hit a low on Wednesday with a huge headache and most likely a fever. It was a combination of my long work schedule, hard training and the turmoil present in our country.

I’ve thrown together a few resources that have helped me understand and also ways to support if you don’t have the money. Use your voice, the time to act is now before this administration becomes “the new normal.”

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This article explains how the March On Washington was important in extending literacy on the topic of Intersectional Feminism.
How To Run Through Emotional Fatigue via Going Big or Going Home

Indivisible Guide a resource for those choosing to resist Trump
Feministe a list of what has happened in the first 7 days of Trump’s administration
Everyday Feminism a guide to feminism and educational platform for social liberation
9 Scary Changes To The White House Since Donald Trump Was Sworn In via Bustle
5 Calls spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls to your government officials

It is also VERY IMPORTANT to support journalism now more than ever. Just like Hitler was able to brainwash the German people by controlling the media, the Trump administration is creating a distrust in reporting because he does not like what they are saying, even though it is true.

Democracy Now!



Women’s March

Together, we can fight this!

A word about Panned Parenthood, as I know this is a huge deal breaker for many people and most likely why Trump got elected:

Planned Parenthood:

  • Affordable primary, preventative, and reproductive healthcare
  • active lobbying to protect women’s reproductive rights in the US
  • Increasing global access to health services
  • Providing practical information about family planning and disease prevention
  • preventing about half a million pregnancies a year in the US
  • providing about half a million Pap tests and breast exams each year
  • Only 3% goes toward abortions and related services

21 thoughts on “Resources for those feeling lost”

  1. Thank you Ellie for your passion and standing up for what you believe; I can’t say we’re 100% on the same page on all these issues, but we do know that Jesus Christ is our hope. <3 AND I <3 you.

  2. Proud to see runners and running bloggers alike unafraid to step out for their political (which is so enmeshed with our ethical) beliefs. Running and fitness aren’t separate from our political and social lives, they strengthen each other, enrich each other, empower each other. Write on, sister!

  3. THANK YOU!!! So I have been doing some thing. I have been calling my senators… I went to the Women’s March in DC… I’m trying to talk to friends/family to open dialogue… I feel like this administration wants us to become EXHAUSTED be we WILL NOT. I won’t.

  4. Aw I’m sorry to hear you were sick, but hopefully you’re feeling better by now.

    I’ve taken a break from social the last few days. I was starting to feel overwhelmed and a brilliant article I read said you can’t be a good activist without thinking about yourself first, otherwise you risk burnout. After a few days break, I’m feeling recharged. Thanks for putting this list together because now we can make things happen!

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