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I’ve had a lot of baking and food success lately, so indulge me (if you don’t follow my IG stories, I’m @gazzellie so LIGHT IT UP!)

Pancakes are still happening, but the other day I actually made them FROM SCRATCH! Truth be told, I usually use a box mix that I just add water to, then if I want to add anything, I add it afterwards adjusting the water levels (zucchini is wet y’all!)

I remember loving the blog Chocolate Covered Katie for some things. It’s hit-or-miss for me, but I got lucky this time. She has a banana pancake recipe perfect for one person. I decided to try it, and what do you know, it WORKED!

The topping is really simple, raspberries mushed and maple syrup mixed in. I’m fancy.

These pancakes were from a mix, but I added peanut butter powder to the batter. This actually worked as well! It added a subtle nutty quality and I might do it again. Adding some chocolate chips might be fun too next time. One thing I haven’t tried mixing in is protein powder. I have vanilla, cookies and cream and salted caramel flavors right now, and TBH I’m scared to commit to that. So probably wont for now.

I had great aspirations to make something cool this morning, but there was a man using the kitchen, so I settled for two bananas with peanut butter and raspberry chia seed jam/sauce. I didn’t hate it at all.

The other night (actually it was last week but whatever) I made Buffalo Chickpea Dip from my friend Britt’s Blog Leaves of Kale. She made this for a get together we had a few years ago at Tamerlaine Farm Sanctuary and I think I ate it all. I put it in my tacos, on this salad and dipped chips in it. MAJOR FAN GIVE HER SOME LOVE!

To end this photo dump, I was in heaven with this bowl. Curried kale salad is on the bottom, topped with Ithaca Hummus (lemon dill), Tofu Khan and RANCH CORN NUTS! It was great, I hope we get more of the kale salad at work soon because YUM.

Last night I made quinoa, so I’ll be eating that for the next few days. I also have tempeh marinating in a peanut sauce that just needs to be baked off. It’s looking like a few good meals are ahead of me.

2 thoughts on “Recent Eats”

  1. After two weeks away, I finally got back to my beloved pancakes this morning. Can’t stop won’t stop.

    Corn nuts!! I haven’t thought about corn nuts in years!! Man, they still make them? I loved those things.

  2. You totally have me wanting to try corn nuts! I’ve never had them before and they sound delish! All of your eats look awesome, Ellie! It’s so fun getting creative in the kitchen 🙂

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