Race recovery and pancakes

The week after a race usually starts off pretty rough. I don’t sleep well, I’m tired, I feel sick. The euphoric feeling of finishing a race wears off as soon as reality sets in.

My friend and fellow runner (who won the race on Saturday) said it well here:

I do enjoy the races, the long runs, the finishes, the good and bad times where I get to test myself. However, when the race is done, the metals put away and the money in the bank, life moves on.

I have been resting a lot this week, like one does after a big event. Even though it was not my A race of the summer, it took a lot out of me mentally and physically. I enjoy breaks after races. I go on walks, I take my time cooking, reading, getting from place to place. I just try to relax. The only thing that I maintain from training is my short pre-work nap. I keep doing that, because sleep is hard when my cortisol is high and my body is jittery.

I’ve been making pancakes (I got zucchini from a customer and stirred that in!). I’ve been reading and I caught up on the only show I watch, the 100. Life has gone on.

Today, I ran for the first time. My twisted ankle is healing, my body felt alright. Good signs.

Onward from here.

One thought on “Race recovery and pancakes”

  1. I need to just buck up and make pancakes. They have been sounding so good but I am not great at actually cooking them and I get intimidated.

    I love adding finely shredded zucchini to my oats though… I pre-grated up a ton so I’ll be eating that all week.

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