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A few months ago, I was selected to be a part of the Rabbit ELITE racing team.

Rabbit running apparel is made in California and the company was started by two women, Monica and Jill. Both having been in the running business for years, they found it incredible that they had yet to find running clothing that worked for them. So, being entrepreneurial minded, they decided to start making clothes for themselves…and luckily for me, for other runners as well.

Being based in LA, they have complete oversight into their production at each level. This is important to me and to companies I support. “Most importantly, we know for sure that all of our apparel is made in conditions we approve of by workers who are treated well and fairly.”

I have tested out the apparel they have sent me a few times, both in training and in my everyday use and can honestly give it great reviews.

The singlet is bright yellow and is form fitting without overly constricting my torso or hugging in the wrong places. You know those shirts you have that just bunch in the wrong areas? They either chafe or make you look punchy. The singlet gives a very streamlined look and also shows off my summer tan. It also looks great. At the fatass race I did a few weeks ago, other runners asked where I got it and I enjoyed hearing them say “Next lap, I’ll catch the rabbit”. It was a great talking piece.

The shorts are also a new favorite and that is big coming from me, a self proclaimed spandex loving girl. I like the air flow the shorts provide and also pocket options. There is one in the back and two on the sides. What I worry about is that my nutrition may fall out of the pockets because of the baggy nature shorts have. The pockets in these shorts are tight enough that none of my snacks (I’ve put granola bars, Gu and RunGum in them so far) have fallen out. The back pocket also features a zipper, which is where I stash my house and gym key. They do not move around at all while in there, which is a bonus.

Lastly, and probably my most favorite is the Rabbit trucker hat. I wore this for my recent 40 miler, Many on the Genny and not only did it keep sweat off my face, it tamed my wild locks and aerated my head so I didn’t get too hot. I love hats when it comes to longer races, so this piece was what I was excited about the most. It did not disappoint.

Overall, I recommend Rabbit apparel for both male and female runners. They have great options on their site not only for trail runners like me, but for track athletes and everyday use.

Right now, you can save 10% off your order if you use this link and head to their website to pick up some great running gear.

Hey, I love rabbit and I think you will too! Check it out: http://rabbit.refr.cc/elliep @runinrabbit #rabbitELITE Click To Tweet

See you out there!

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  1. The brightly colored yellow shirt is really pretty! And I love airy/flowy shorts. I’m actually not really a spandex girl unless I have to wear them.

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