Pelvis, eggs and vegan

I’m typing this blog post with my new iPad case! I decided to invest in a better keyboard and harder shell case than I previously had because, well, I have a job that necessitates this iPad. I do all my video editing and some of my photo editing and writing on here, so I think the investment to protect it is worth it. I also enjoy the angle I get when typing a lot more now. It is easier to read and not strain my neck as much.

Last night I was so sore in my pelvis! It was so weird sleeping, I wasn’t sure how it would affect my run this morning, but largely I was fine. Fingers crossed. I have had this pain before and I believe it is due to sleeping position, so I’ll see if moving my cushions around a bit and being more comfortable helps.

Thoughts and prayers. Lol.

I have not been watching the Olympics, but I must give my two cents on Shawn White. I’m glad he won for the U.S. but he is an asshole. That has been my opinion of him for a few years. That’s all I have to say. Congrats on being a champion, but you are still an ass.

Last night I had the opportunity to do some filming at Agava’s Valentine’s Night dinner. Man oh man that was fun! Not so much for them, the workers and chef were a bit stressed…but I loved the energy. It was really neat and I’m anxious to look at my footage and get some great content out there.

I went to Waffle Frolic for lunch yesterday and tried the Eggs Florentine waffle. It was pretty good, but I must admit this, I have been considering going vegan again, and the eggs made me a bit queasy. I thought I wanted them, and they were cooked perfectly…but my vegan brain is making me reconsider my choices.

My sister and I were talking about this, and she is not an advocate for being vegan. She thinks it only limits me and since we are going to Texas, it will not help us have a good time. She has a point and I don’t think I will ever label myself as vegan again. However, I have to be conscious with most of my choices. I will not make vegan a limiting factor in my life. I know my choices have consequences, but being vegan is not something I can pursue at this point. I see too much waste at my job and I don’t want to obsess about ingredients.

The reaction I had at Waffle Frolic has made me aware of the choices I can make, and I want to be more vegan when I have control. I can only do my best. And at this point, it is what it is.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana and sunflower butter, apple and coffee

Running: 45 minutes

5 thoughts on “Pelvis, eggs and vegan”

  1. I too wish that I could be more vegan, but I am married to someone who has no interest in going fully vegan, so I temper my choices. I also enjoy eating veg/vegan when I travel for work due to stomach issues and travel. It’s a good challenge for me, but never an all out deal breaker. It’s nice to have flexibility in life!

  2. Isn’t it nice to have those sisters that really keep us centered? I love how mindful and thoughtful you are about it Ellie. Also I’ll be praying for your pelvis friend. <3

  3. So sorry about your pelvis being sore! I hope it’s feeling better! I totally just scared Jimmy while I was reading this post because I gasped/laughed about what you said about Shawn White. I want to know more of your thoughts on him!!

  4. Oie a sore pelvis… that could sure limit a lot. I hope its gone away?

    I think your current thinking about your veganism is safe and in the right place. You are thinking about it, assessing your desires, but also giving yourself grace and time and not pressuring to make a decision. I could go for some egg flourentiny drippy waffles.

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