The Peanut Principle: My Maine Squeeze

The Peanut Principle is a small company located in Albany, New York. They produce small batch artisanal nut butters ranging from the classic peanut to pumpkin seed and macadamia nut butter. They also sell crackers from Saratoga, jams from Vermont and Gatherer’s Gourmet granola on their easy to use and neat looking website!


I enjoy finding local companies who make a great product while keeping the staff small. The Peanut Principle is a 6 person operation, with a lot of experience to make up for few numbers. Shannon and Joe are the husband and wife team behind the delicious company and are joined by family members Jack, Ronald, Ken and Matt. All of the butters are made in small batches and certain flavors are used seasonally to assure freshness.

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My Maine Squeeze is definitely the most unique almond butter I’ve ever had. It is a blueberry, white chocolate almond butter sweetened with organic sugar.

Taste: Reminiscent of a blueberry muffin or scone with the mouth-feel of a nut butter.


Best Use: I loved putting it on plain oatmeal or just eating it by the spoonful. It was the perfect sweet treat to have after dinner or before hitting bed for the night.


Awesome bonus: You can order the 16oz or 4oz jar! I love this option because sometimes I want to have enough of a flavor for a few servings, but not so much that I find myself putting it on everything and getting tired of the flavor. The 4oz jar is perfect for this!

I am definitely keeping this in my nut butter rotation!

I highly recommend this almond butter! If you want to order yours (and of course you do!) go to this link here and get yourself some today! 

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  1. Wow it looks so delicious and chunky. I’ve never had that combo in a nut butter. I’ve looked on their site and seen a lot of different flavors that I’ve never seen elsewhere. They look DELICIOUS! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the reviews Ellie. <3

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