Peak week training

The passing of graduation for both colleges in my town always makes me happy. Not only do we become a smaller population, but Ithaca summer truly begins. It feels like our town.

This past weekend was a doozie but in the best possible way. I didn’t know it, but I hit my peak training volume in addition to working 6 of the busiest days of the year for us at work. This is wonderful, because it provided additional training stimulus for my legs. When I ended this segment after my long run on Monday (Memorial Day), my coach informed me that I had run 96 miles in the past 8 days. I had also worked each of those days. I am not saying this to brag, but to remind myself that I can do it.

I can train higher mileage, and work, and not injure myself. Not only that, I can keep myself fueled and happy.

The past two days have been rest/mobility days and I woke up today itching to run again. Tomorrow shall be fun!

However, before I look too far ahead, remembering what I did last week will remind me to still take it easy even if I feel like I should run or find some use for my extra time/energy.

Last week I had two workouts, one 8×800 meters alone and one 5 mile tempo with my speedster friend Bailey. Both were challenging, yet I didn’t feel like I gassed myself. Meaning I paced appropriately, not that I skimped on effort.

I had two medium long runs, one of 13 miles and one of 11.7 miles, each at about 8:10 pace, effort based easy runs. I had one 6 mile run mid week that was at about 10 minute miles. Very good use of my easy miles, and I didn’t get lost.

On Sunday I met up with my buddy Rich and we trekked around for 19 miles on the Cayuga Trails 50 course (a race we will both be doing in July). It was muddy, rainy and humbling, but I got through it. Having him with me to show the way and talk to was crucial for this run. I don’t mind running through calf deep mud or pouring rain when I’m with someone. Heck, it was fun!

On Monday I did 18ish miles on the Black Diamond Trail, which is easy to go for your legs, but always challenges me mentally. It’s out and back and kind of boring, yet my legs needed to learn that fatigue. I ended it at GreenStar for breakfast tired, but happy.

Each of these days last week I also worked 8 hours on my feet. Some days (like Sunday and Monday) the last thing I wanted to do was keep going, but someone’s gotta fill the van with gas am I right? I also know my coach builds my training on the assumption that I’ll be on my feet all day.

It works for us. It will get me ready for ultras.

All in all, I am proud of the week. It went well and I think I am handling that training without burn out or injury. I was itching to get out there today, so I went on a hike to see how my legs were feeling. They needed some warm-up, but soon they felt normal. I believe I will be running tomorrow, which excites me. I miss Bailey and the ass kicking she gives me 🙂

Running the CT course reminded me how much more I need to train on that type of terrain. I am not confident on technical downhills, especially when they are wet and muddy. However, I know I can do them, it just takes time and practice. I also need to address my show selection. Rich thinks I need faster shoes for my ability. The ones I have are great for gripping and going all day, but I could use something faster for races. I will be trying new ones out soon.

Honestly, I didn’t do too much else last week besides train and work. It was a good week, but not one I can do often. I simply would rather spend my time in other ways, and I know it’s not sustainable for my body.

Things I need to practice would be run nutrition. I was thankful Rich was there because when he ate, I ate and when he drank, I drank. Not exactly a good strategy since he will be miles ahead of me in our races. I simply still go with the mindset that I will eat after, which DOES NOT WORK in runs over 2 hours. I am usually good about it during races, but long runs I just suck. For the next one, my strategy will be every half hour, take a chomp. I think I can manage that.

Breakfast: yogurt, oatmeal and trail mix bowl, apple and coffee

Running: Rest, I hiked and did some core

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