Running Links [06/19/2016]

Good morning friends! What a beautiful day yesterday was right? I had the opportunity to pace my first half marathon here in my town. It was a rewarding experience and although I was not exactly on pace, I think I did my job well. I was the 1:45 half pacer (I had the choice between that and a 1:30 half) and finished in about 1:42:00. The best part was learning the stories of all those around me. Every runner is so inspiring and it makes me so encouraged to hear why they run. If you ever want inspiration or motivation to get out there, volunteer at a race! You wont be sitting on the couch for much longer.

This week’s links are really great. Two are by Amanda from Run To The Finish, so you know she’s got the smarts this week. If you did race and it didn’t go so well, check out the post by Suz about disappointing races. This is not only for your race, but also what to say (or not say) to someone else. Enjoy the links!

Running Links

Happy Father’s Day!

Guide To Foam Rolling via Run To The Finish

A Trail Runners Guide To Uphill Running via Comptetitor

Discussing and Handling a Disappointing Race via Suzlyfe

Athletes, others who raise doping concerns often left whistling in the wind via ESPN

9 Benefits Of Solo Running via Run To The Finish

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Days off, Hackers and Potatoes: Top 3 [06/16/2016]

I really love Kate’s blog and you should really check it out! Today I’m showing a Top 3 style post about my week. Here we go!

Three Highs:

1.) I have three days off this week! Tuesday and Wednesday were lovely, sunny days filled with running, biking, reading, relaxing and a bit of cleaning. I still have Sunday off and plan to do a 5k race here in Ithaca. I love having days off!


2.) I found out I have more money in my bank account than I thought. I do not plan to spend it, but it is nice to have a cushion for emergencies. I have been building a small “home running gym” with resistance bands, a few dumbells and my awesome $30 stationary bike ($30!!!!!!!) so I can get rid of my gym membership (I’ll talk about this next week) so having a couple extra dollars to get cheap equipment is nice.


3.) I made it to a FLRTC group run on Tuesday night to demo the Hoka racing shoes. I actually enjoyed them more than everyone else, but I’m pretty easy going with shoes. I’ll wear most things as long as they fit.

Top 3 Lows:

1.) I was hacked on Monday and conned out of $250. I am working with my bank to hopefully get it back, but this has been a learning experience for sure. I felt so stupid for two days, but now I have great virus protection and Geek Squad support.

2.) I made my sister and mother angry on Wednesday for Snapchatting about how my family hunts and what the “hunting chamber” looked like. I felt guilty for a bit, but actually, I don’t anymore. If they are embarrassed and don’t want their killing shown, they shouldn’t do it.

3.) My coworker Rachel left us for a new job as a state corrections officer. It’s excellent for her, but I miss her a lot. She was so kind and smart at her job. She is training right now and off the grid so to speak, but I can’t wait to hear how boot camp is going!

Top 3 Foods


1.) I shared this in WIAW this past week, but I am loving potatoes right now. This was about four pounds of the good yellow spuds and tasted great. For a second I thought my eyes were too big for my stomach, but it went down nice and easy and gave me great energy for the group run that night. Happy belly = Happy Ellie!


2.) Bliss Nut Butters have sent me a couple jars of their product and have been gracious in letting me call them a sponsor. As y’all know, I fuel my training by potatoes and rice peanut butter mostly, so getting to sample and try their nut butters is such a blessing!


3.) Banana chips. Holla at me!

Top 3 Instagrams:

I think we all die right?

The ongoing struggle is real in our house.

Raw vegan donut holes? Yas please!

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I’ll save my best links for Sunday!

What are your favorite white foods? Bananas, cauliflower and potatoes!

Do you have a gym membership or a home gym?

Running Solo

I usually run with my iPod in my ears. I don’t listen to music, but I am addicted to all types of podcasts. They keep my company for the many miles I log each week.

This past Sunday, I had a virus scare on my computer, which prompted me to pull my iPod out of its charging socket without properly ejecting it. The next morning, it was not working very well, so I left it home and went out on my run.


That iPod has gotten me through some really mentally and physically tough workouts. It gives me a companion to run with when I don’t have anyone else. I don’t focus on the hard hill ahead or the soreness in my legs when MattRich or Tina are sharing some piece of their world with me.

I also enjoy that I don’t have to talk back. I can heavy breathe and they keep right on talking as if I’m a normal person. I’ve learned so much from these podcast episodes throughout the years. Endurance Planet taught me how to structure a running week, why it’s important to run slowly and build a base and most recently, why I should get my blood and hormones tested. Marathon Training Academy showed me that I do have what it takes to run a marathon and change my life (how right they were!).

I credit Our Hen House with turning and keeping me vegan. Meeting the cohost Jasmin was one of the main reasons I joined my Strong Hearts Vegan Power team (don’t tell them that) and now I have a huge vegan family.

Podcasts have done all that, but also they have given me a crutch to take the sometimes unpleasantries of running away. I don’t have to be on top of my mental game. I can zone out and get 12 miles in when it’s dark because there is some form of entertainment to guide me. Leaving the iPod at home is daunting, but not impossible.

The Buffalo Marathon was the first time I had run without my iPod in…ever. Unless I am with my running partners, I am with my podcast friends. I realized that it actually wasn’t too bad to go technology free. I was able to focus on my pace, keeping my breathing steady and pain management. I stopped being afraid to go podcast free.

Granted, since the marathon, I have run either with someone or with my iPod each time, so Monday was the first day I tried it out. It was a chilly morning, windy and gray. I had an 11 miler on tap. I went out there and got it done. I thought about more things. I sang songs in my head. I tried to remember what I had to do that day. I talked to God, thanking Him that I got my computer fixed.


It also kind of sucked when I wished I could be with someone. I missed a voice, a comfort that something was there. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to fix my iPod and would miss it. I don’t only listen to it while running, I also use it doing other things simply because I enjoy the content.

Ultimately, I will fix it, but this training cycle (TBD) will feature a lot more runs without technology, a lot less runs on the treadmill and more of my quest to get both mentally and physically tough.

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Do you have a running crutch?

What do you do to get out of a habit?

WIAW and a Runner Survey

I totally stole this fun post idea from Blonde Fit Foodie! It seemed like a fun way to share some of the other things about running that I prefer when thinking about ideal race conditions.



I am a total hot weather running person! I would rather be too warm than too cold. This is because my body is efficient at cooling me down and not too great at keeping me warm. I also find that in the winter months I have to wear a lot of clothing, which inhibits movement and increases chaffing. Give me the sweat!


I’ve done a color run and it was really fun. However, I think I would feel more legit after a beer mile. The problem with this is that I do not like beer nor do I drink. I think it would be painful mostly because of those two factors.


This is tough but I’d say trails ideally. I think the cars and noise in a city are a bit annoying as are crosswalks, stop lights and cars that don’t pay attention. I prefer the openness of the woods, the quiet, the varied terrain and the alone time. That being said, I do most of my training on the roads.


Omg I always forget deodorant so that’s no big. Body glide is essential for odd chaffing spots, so I hate forgetting that. Does anyone else find they randomly chaff sometimes and then not other times? I can wear the same tank top once and chaff till I bleed and then wear it again and be fine. Weird.


Brownies. Bacon does not thrill me like it seems it does everyone else. I think it’s because I hate the smel of burned flesh and at my job, we burn a lot of bacon. Just thinking about it makes my stomach turn.


I would personally prefer too small if it’s a speed or short run. Too big would work better for longer runs.


Small marathons give me less anxiety, but bigger races get me better times and have money. I lucked out at Buffalo with a medium sized 7,000 sized race. The community aspect of smaller races is what draws me in. Everyone is so nice! I’d go with small over large most days.


I have never had sashimi nor do I know what that is…so by default I pick curry. If you want to see what I did eat the day before and day of my marathon check out this post.


I would rather travel. I’m figuring out now that all my fondest memories have happened in a racing context. I really appreciate all I’ve been able to do through running and that includes travel. Only more of these experiences are to come.


I am all about the sweet! After my long runs I love protein bowls or something with bananas and nut butter.mi usually like savory stuff later in the day. I do salt most of my foods, but immediately post race, sweet, water rich foods are what I can get down.

Thanks for sticking with me! Feel free to answer any of these in the comments section below.

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Now it’s time for WIAW with JenArman and Laura!


Breakfast: Microwave banana bread topped with Philosophie Superfoods coconut butter and Bliss Nut Butter peanut butter. Side of grapes and half of an apple (the other half was rotten)


Lunch: potatoes and dip


Dinner: Banana Ice Cream, bowl of greens and banana chips

Tell me your running favorites!

What is your favorite ice cream?

Rocky Road Banana Ice Cream and PHILOSOPHIE SUPERFOODS!

I used to hate marshmallows in anything except s’mores. Even then, it was an “only when there is a campfire” type of thing.

Lucky charms…ew.

S’mores poptarts…pass the cinnamon sugar ones please.

Fluffernutter…I can get behind that because it’s a spread, not a marshmallow.

Rocky road…did not even get a chance.

Enter: Ragnar Cape Cod and Dandies

We were sponsored by this amazing vegan company and at three in the morning, eating a bag of marshmallows just sounded like a logical thing to do.

I forgot about the horrors that is Lucky Charms, and gave them a chance. Brain, meet sugar.

Ellie is now a fan!

I have been eating banana ice cream for the past week for dinner because, let’s face it, it’s hot outside and it’s delicious.

My job serves ice cream and one flavor we have is rocky road. Rocky Road is a huge hit with older folks ironically. Kids don’t seem to be phased too much, but the 50 plus crowd gets excited that we carry this iconic flavor.

I mean, what’s not to like? Chocolate, walnuts, marshmallow swirl. It hits a lot of sweet spots. I get it now.

Dandies has opened my eyes to the delicious way these flavors work together.

I had to recreate it for dinner last week. So that’s just what I did.

All you need for this recipe is a few simple ingredients and a food processor.

The aquafaba whipped cream on top? Purely optional, I just became obsessed with this easy whip so I’m putting it on everything.

I also want to take this time to introduce Philosophie Superfoods to everyone! If you’ve followed my Instagram for the past month or so, you may have noticed that I’ve been adding some new powders to my oats and breakfasts.

Philosophie Superfoods is a wellness company whom I have partnered with for my future nutrition. They have a big selection of protein powders and coconut butters all fortified with superfoods like spirulina, chlorella and cacao to not only help me recover caloric ally, but also reduce inflammation, soreness and chance of injury.

The most important thing for me post workout is calories, which Philosophie powders and butters provide. However, the micronutrients like magnesium, zinc, b12 and other vitamins are also essential to optimal performance. They help with the little things, protection me from illness, injury, fatigue and overtraining. I am proud to be affiliated with this company.

Their powders mix great into smoothies, oats and banana ice cream and provide an exceptional flavor and nutritional boost. The coconut butters are great by themselves or as a topping to warm oats or a Microwave Banana Bread Bowl.

Use my affiliate link here or at the bottom of this post and try them out!

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Now for the recipe you’ve been waiting for!

Try this vegan spin on a classic ice cream flavor. Your grandparents won’t be able to tell the difference!

Rocky Road Banana Ice Cream

Serves: 1

3 frozen bananas

4 T almond milk (optional but I think it’s creamier)

1 T Philosophie superfoods Cacoa Bliss powder or cocoa powder

1/4 cup chopped walnuts

1/4 cup Dandies mini marshmallows

In a food processor, place the bananas and crush them until they are “mealy”. Scrape down the sides and add the milk and cocoa powder. Blend until mixture resembled chocolate soft serve. You have need to scrape down the sides of your machine one or two more times. Scoop out of processor and into your bowl. Stir in walnuts and marshmallows.

Top with desired toppings.

You can eat it now and it’s perfect. I eat slow, so I put it in the freezer for about a half hour and then eat it as it softens.

What flavors do your grandparents like?

Anyone also love aquafaba?