One Week Out

I don’t quite know how to best express my feelings toward my next race. I’ve made it no secret I’m tired from this summer of racing. I’ve loved it mostly. I love running, I love most of the people, I have fun in my day-to-day weekly training.

But I would be lying saying I’m not ready for a break. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m ready to reassess and see what I want to do next.

If I want to do anything next. Because you know, a 100K race is a lot for me. A lot of time to process, a lot of time to think about things and of course, a lot of time to get injured.

My ankle still isn’t at 100% and it’s concerning only because this race is gnarly. If it was a road race or easy trails, I’d be fine. However, rolling the ankle this time might be a significant problem. Guess I’ll just try to be safe you know?

Rather than dwell on what I wish was better or my tiredness, I’m focusing in what’s good and what I am looking forward to.

1.) Roads. Yup, I have ran on a trail twice since CT50 and almost rolled my ankle again. Not gonna test that out again till race day. However, running on the roads has been excellent. I’m just going to ride this train until it stops.

2.) Shorter Sunday runs. I do love spending a good day outside on the trails, but the past few weeks I’ve been doing shorter Sunday morning runs, finishing with time and energy to do other things on Sunday. It’s long enough, but not too long. I like that I don’t have to plan nutrition and water, because I’m lazy haha

3.) Exploring new options. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY RACES OR EVENTS ARE LIKE, EVERY WEEKEND?! With the tunnel vision of my triad of summer races, I don’t really pay attention to the fun 5ks, charity runs or other weekend things because I have a focus. SWEET JESUS THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS! That’s kind of fun to see, just running stuff to do it, to connect. Not training for it. Cool bro.

4.) Spending more time on the bike. Indoors. With my book. I am embracing this. Fight me.

5.) Finishing 100k. I am really excited about testing my body in that way. I still don’t know if I can do it, but I’m sure as hell gonna try.

At this time next weekend, I’ll either be dead or have run 65 miles.

Until then, peace.

2 thoughts on “One Week Out”

  1. Thinking lots of good thoughts for you and your ankle. <3 Its hard to predict how you will feel on race day or how things will go, but you know your mental game is off the charts and you all well versed in listening to your body. However it goes, you will be all right.

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