One cavity, tired, Bahn Mi

I only have one cavity. That’s actually kind of awesome because I haven’t been to the dentist in 6 years. I guess my obsessive brushing and flossing at work has paid off. So now when my coworkers pick on me I can just smile and relish in my cleanliness.

I was so tired this morning during my run. I bet tomorrow will be a day off. I try to schedule my long efforts on days off, and tomorrow is a half day off (I’m only working 4 hours) so it could have been a good effort.

Now as I get closer to the race, I want to be as careful as possible. I refuse to be stupid now.

I’ve been trying some good food lately. A vegan bahn mi and some pickled beets was my lunch yesterday at GreenStar and I was in heaven.

My mom used to make pickled beets at home and I loved them. I managed to not get beet juice on myself which is a win. I also remembered to get more vitamins and soy creamer. Forgot mouthwash but whatever.

My coach is visiting me next week! I can’t wait to see him!

Breakfast: chocolate chip bagel with peanut butter

Running: 60 minutes

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