Oh Running, Yup.

I’ve thought a lot about writing about running. It’s such a fickle topic for me, because although it is my favorite thing to do, I struggle to put into words something interesting.

I still run everyday, I’m training for a race, it’s bringing me joy, but really, it’s not anything I have much to say about. I do it everyday, I maintain a practice and it fills me up, and then I move on with my day.

Running gives me a baseline of happiness. One that I bring with me to my workday. Running makes me a better version of myself.

Yesterday I was in the middle of a 10 mile tempo run and felt a twinge in my hamstring. This caused me to reassess the pace of the workout, and bring it home at an easier pace than I was capable of. My hamstring was very sore all day, and I took today off.

I was very upset all day yesterday, almost irrationally upset, based on how my coach saw the workout. To him, I completed it and my hamstring isn’t ready to handle my level of fitness. To me, I was dying.

I let myself worry about it all day, cried a few times, and reassessed my situation. I’m most likely ok. I will continue to monitor it and not do anything to jeopardize the healing. I pray it is nothing.

If it is something, that’s ok too. I will try something else. I’ll heal and make it work. I’m always learning about my amazing body and how it works. I have not failed again, I’ve learned.

I’ve still got my jobs that fill me up, my family and friends who love me and a full life. I can cross-train. I still love movement, and having a bum hamstring does not prevent me from doing that.

Running continues to be a process. And that’s part of what I love.

3 thoughts on “Oh Running, Yup.”

  1. “I have not failed again, I’ve learned.”……. flippen so hard to learn.

    I do hope your hamstring heals quickly and that it is not anything worse than a short term set back. How you started this post is very interesting. It’s amazing how the phases of our lives go, and how the things that at one moment we held on such a pedestal have their way of settling in us differently as time goes on. IF…. we let it, and are not holding on to past expectations. That can be a really hard one, too.

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