New running shoes and meeting Evan, the Altra rep

I just bought two new pairs of running shoes so I’m on that fake “I just bought something” high that’s happens when I spend money. After each race, especially if the training cycle is as long as this past one was, I force myself to get new shoes. I will wear the same shorts, shirts and spandex forever, but new shoes, with the mileage I put on them are necessary.

I also can tell if I keep wearing them too much longer I will increase my injury risk and decrease my response to recovery. I chose another pair of the ALTRA Escalante and a Saucony Kinvara. The Escalante for speed and the Kinvara for a cushioned everyday shoe. I made sure to get different colors so I don’t mix up the pairs of Escalantes. I’ve done that before.

Today I opened at CTB and the day sped by. Whenever I work late like I did yesterday and the open the next day, it feels fast. I decided not to move my van last night so I wouldn’t have to move it again this morning. So I got back home last night, ate a snack and went to sleep, then woke up, ran and came right back into work. It just feels so fast.

My runs on these days are hit or miss. Sometimes I’m really sleepy hitting the road at 4AM, other times I feel energized, as if my body didn’t shut off the night before. This morning I felt oddly rested and the run felt easy. I had some weird hip flexor tightness, so after I finish this bike ride (yes, I blog and bike lol) I’ll do some mobility.

Work went fast because we were short staffed so I had no down time. After work I finally met my Twitter and IG friend Evan, who is also the Northeast Altra rep. He is a cool dude and it’s nice to meet the faces of brands I use. I brought him some bagels and he brought me a buff. It was then I got my new shoes. I left them at the store because I didn’t want to carry them to the gym with me hahaha

After I get done here I’m going to Walmart to return my defective Mr. Buddy heater and get a new one. I did nothing wrong to it and it crapped after a week. Wish me luck for an equal exchange and a nice salesperson.

Lunch: hummus, tofutti cream cheese, nooch, lettuce, tomato, onion and sprouts on ciabatta. Pickles and soup on the side

Running: 67 minutes

One thought on “New running shoes and meeting Evan, the Altra rep”

  1. I think it’s just amazing that you get out there at 4 am. That sounds soo hard to me.

    I love those days that just zip by; it’s such a good reminder to me that I need to savor moments more cause they pass so quickly.

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