My Emergency Snack Kit

Some days man, I feel like an bottomless pit. Seriously no matter what I do, I am really hungry all day. This kind of sucks with the job I have, because if I’m not prepared with something, I won’t get to eat for a long time, and by the time I do, I am so hungry I stuff myself and then feel lethargic all day.


After a few weeks of this, I had to get smart, so I started bringing a snack bag both to work and with me in my car (so I have TWO snack bags!) so that I am never very far from something to eat. I waffled through a few different types of things to keep in there, and have finally found my perfect bag.

Something to hit each of my usual cravings without being too much.

The standard apple, Barney Butter snack pack, water and my new favorite granola bar: Go Macro.

I have eaten these bars in the past when I lived in Ithaca. I picked them up when they were on sale, and then rotated them in with the other bars I like. When I moved, I forgot about them as my grocery stores changed and I didn’t eat as many granola bars. Now that I like to have a few snacks each day, they have made a comeback.

Go Macro bars are nut-butter based, which is probably the most delicious way to make granola bars. The bars have super clean ingredients and no filler. Completely plant-based protein, raw, vegan and certified organic nutrition bar.

Essentially all the good things other than taste that matter to my ethical side.

I have had a great time trying each of the flavors (there are ten) and my favorite is definitely the sunflower butter bar. I am just a sucker for sunflower seeds and that delicious creamy spread. BONUS: sunflower seeds were recommended by my blood work from Inside Tracker.

Actually, all of the ingredients fit in somewhere with the foods I am trying to eat more of. They are also a higher caloric content, so I don’t have to add peanut butter on top or eat two of them. That’s kind of great!

Always having a snack has been crucial to having more energy, recovering from whatever I am doing and just making me feel better.

I just love these bars, I can’t wait to try them in my next long run or race.

Any other bars I should try?

10 thoughts on “My Emergency Snack Kit”

  1. That is so cool that Go Macro bars are vegan too; I love that you found them and you love them. Finding a good snack that you love is always a blessing. Have you tried Square Bars? I think they’re vegan, but I might be wrong.

  2. Ugh. Work is so hard to work with. After a 6 hour shift with no break (I can order a smoothie to have with me luckily, but often there isn’t even enough time to get through it if we are crazy busy) I am obviously ravenous by the end so then I inhale like a double sized dinner at 10:30 pm and am over full for the rest of the night. I need to figure out a better snacking system before my shifts.

    1. Ick! I lived that life and always ate a lot at night. It sucked because I was over hungry and then super full. I hope once you get into a rhythm you can work something out.

  3. So smart of you to have two emergency snack kits! I usually have snacks in my purse and in Jimmy’s truck (which we drive in more than mine, haha) so we aren’t hangry!

    The Go Macro bars sound delicious!

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