My brother’s wedding

This past Saturday, my oldest brother got married to a wonderful woman I’m happy to call my sister. It was quite a fun weekend and I woke up Monday more exhausted than my last race. I’d say I did that wedding thing right.

On Saturday both my date and I had to work until mid afternoon, so after getting cleaned up and dressed, we headed to my parent’s house to take some pictures (and fill my tires with air).

Don’t we look spiffy? My sister has beautiful long hair and she did it in a fishtail style which looked lovely.

The wedding was held at the New Park Event Center in Ithaca, NY. The day was perfect. It was about 70 degrees with a slight breeze. I was very happy for this, as my dress was sleeveless and nothing is worse than being cold and having to wear a sweater over a fabulous dress.

P.S. I got it from my mom’s boutique, Fabulous But Frugal (wink wink).

My brother looked very handsome, and Cassidy, his wife, stole the gaze of everyone with her gold dress and ornate hair.

I thought he was going to lose it, but my brother held it together for the whole ceremony. The love he has for her is so wonderful.

After they tied the knot, we took pictures all around the event center. The owner has been all over the world and so each room had a theme and tons of neat stuff he brought back from his travels.

Don’t we look great? 

After pictures, we had dinner, toasts were made (all the groomsmen said something about my mom’s pie…?) and then it was time to dance! Isaac was such a great sport and danced almost the entire time with me. I’m glad I brought him!

This wedding made me so happy to be in a big family. I just couldn’t help but be thankful for everyone who came, for the love that was shown and all the fun we had. It was a night I’ll remember.

On Sunday, I was woken up each hour from like 4-7AM by our cat Mo, so I got up around 7:30 and went for a nice run in the daylight. I forget how beautiful running in the fall foliage is, especially when the weather is perfect.

I then went back to New Park for the post wedding brunch with the wedding party and close family. That was delicious as well and it was nice to just sit and talk with my brother and new sister. We were all exhausted, but in that Blissful way, almost like after a race. Just tired and happy.

My mom and I walked around the park admiring all the decorations that were harder to see the night of the wedding. I called this a rickshaw, but it’s most likely not hahaha

I travelled to my parent’s house to score some leftover food and pie from the rehearsal dinner I was unable to attend on Friday. I am definitely enjoying that this week. My mom needed to get to her boutique, so I left and did a bit of grocery shopping on my way home.

That afternoon I met with a guy in Dryden about a pop-up camper, which looked great, but I didn’t buy it…

I finished the afternoon vegging out watching Beauty and the Beast (Emma Watson you are perfect) and prepping some food for the week (rice, veggies, carrot hummus etc).

I think I fell asleep at like 7.

A great weekend. I have a new sister.

15 thoughts on “My brother’s wedding”

  1. Aha – yep. Family weddings are exhausting!! Definitely the same as a marathon.

    I feel like we’ve shared the same new experience this year – with my brother getting married this summer, as well. This brought me back and it all sounds so familiar. The week of my brothers’ wedding was one of the best I have ever had… I can say this with certainty. With both my brothers’ weddings, I can say I have garnered a whole new amazing appreciation for weddings (I never saw much in them when I was young…. too much oogey gooey love stuff). The love and community and support that is brought together… its just pretty astonishing.

    And yes. You all look extremely “spiffy.” I’ve never seen a gold dress before! It is stunning!! And…. you look like your brother.

  2. Congrats to your brother and sister-in-law, Ellie!! The wedding pictures are stunning, and I love your dress and sister’s hair! It sounds like you had a really great time 🙂

  3. Weddings take a LOT of energy; I can imagine that you were exhausted after that; it’s wonderful that your brother has been blessed with such a wonderful woman. Also, I love your dress. 🙂 I love that it’s a plug for your mama’s business too !

  4. Super late but: congratulations to your brother and his wife! The ceremony, dancing, family brunch and, well, everything surrounding it sound just perfect. Also, that dress looks amazing on you, Ellie.
    Ending the weekend with Beauty and the Beast definitely wasn’t the worst decision, either ;). I haven’t seen it yet because the closest cinema is still pretty far away and it’s not out on DVD yet, I think?

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