My Body Since JFK

I only ran the 50 miler a few days ago. My system took a beating and it’s been trying to repair itself since. This is not a bad thing, it means I did what I set out to do.

In full transparency, I want to share my experiences in the week post ultramarathon so I remember for my next one and also for those who might benefit from knowing that it’s not all #restdaybrags and eating all the food. There are some things that suck, and it’s not just the not running part.


Since Saturday I have not slept well. I expected this to happen, but it doesn’t make it very enjoyable. I am tired during the day, so when I go to bed I expect to fall asleep relatively quickly. However, this does not happen and I am up all night. The reason this happens is because my system has been overtaxed and my adrenals overworked. Again, this is expected after a 50 miler and soon I will get back to normal. Right now it’s just frustrating because sleep is the best recovery tool and not sleeping draws out the soreness.

Ravenous, then sick

I go from normal to starving very quickly, then I eat and feel sick. I do not feel sick because I ate too much, the food simply feels weird. This has caused me to be extra cautious and it does take the joy out of eating. This leads me to my next point,

Food is boring

You know when you are really hungry and so you expect that whatever you eat next, no matter what it is, will taste great? Well, for me, I expect that, and then the food is just underwhelming. The last food I remember that completely satisfied me were the biscuits I ate the morning after the race. Since then, food has just been energy, and that’s ok I suppose, but I’d personally like to enjoy food a bit more, especially around the holidays.

Seizing Muscles

Since the race I’ve had to work. I have a job that is physical, but nothing I cannot handle. At certain points in the past few days, my muscles will just seize up. This happens in both my arms and legs. They just make a weird movement and it hurts a bit. Again, this is part of the process and I am not injured, it’s just strange.

Restless Legs

This goes with the no sleep, but because I haven’t really had much downtime since I got home, I haven’t really let my legs completely relax. They are still a bit stimulated and think I might go on a run sometime. They just need to get used to the lack of movement, but until they do they want to move. So when I am sitting or laying for an extended period of time, they protest.

All these things will work themselves out. There is nothing concerning to me here because I am in my off season and have no plans to train. If this were happening during the season, it would be signs of OTS and something to address.

Besides the physical, mentally I am tired and ready for the break. I don’t wake up glad not to run, but I also am content not running as well. I simply know my body and mind want to do something else, actually, they want to do nothing, right now. I am not injured, I am in a good place with how I feel about running. I will wait until I am inspired for a race or it lights me up. I will know when this is happening and it will not be anytime soon.

Next up is enjoying Thanksgiving, my cousin’s baby shower and a slow holiday season.

I am content, running will be there.

Happy Thanksgiving!

7 thoughts on “My Body Since JFK”

  1. I always love and appreciate your contentment at the point where you are Ellie; I bet this will be a rich Thanksgiving season; I’m so thankful that God has restored and brought you back together in sooo many ways with your sweet family. 🙂

  2. I can’t even imagine running 50 miles, Ellie! It makes sense that your body went through a lot and is processing it all. I hope you continue to recover and thank you for sharing this for others out there who want to run ultras!

  3. Oie geez. Kinda sounds like coming down to earth after an astronaut spends time in space. Your body is fighting to adjust.

    I think this is great you’ve taken the time to think about all this and be so body-aware of what’s going on. Helps you understand and give yourself grace, I would think. <3

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