Mr. Buddy fails and French Press coffee wins

Blah I cannot get my Mr. Buddy heater to light! It’s igniting, but I can’t keep it on. I have followed the directions, googled answers and nope, I’m perplexed. So last night and this morning, I turned my van on for a bit to use that heat, then just wore another sweatshirt and tried to keep the heat in. Whatever, I’m surviving. Hopefully I can get to Old Goat or go see my dad tomorrow and maybe they can help me.

On the plus side, I am completely self sufficient in the breakfast department. Well, technically I was before my last race as well, but I’ve made a few additions since then that will help me boondock more successfully. I already wrote about the butane burner which I use to boil water, well I also got a French press travel mug to make coffee! This morning I literally made everything in the van and didn’t go outside!

I liked the look of the mug and it worked perfectly. I got ground vanilla flavored (my favorite don’t judge) coffee from Wegmans and then had left over soy milk from last weekend in my cooler. The plus side of cold weather is not having to worry much about refrigeration. Also, using plant based alternatives usually means they stay better longer. Vegan win.

My run today was good and easy. I’m staying slower than 8 minute miles and under 90 minutes for long runs. It snowed lightly the whole time but I felt relaxed and low HR. Even going up the Turkey Hill felt good. The last two miles I could feel a bit of tightness in my right hip, so I’ll work that out once I get off the bike. My coach says we’re hitting the weekend hard. I will be ready and recovered by then.

Today is bagel Tuesday at work and my shift is 11-7. I actually like later shifts more especially once the trails clear up and I start to move out there. Maybe I’ll get lucky and start having more of them.

Breakfast: oatmeal with half a chocolate bar, banana and sunflower butter

Running: 90 minutes

2 thoughts on “Mr. Buddy fails and French Press coffee wins”

  1. Love your new simple blog design Ellie! Also, I hope Mr. Buddy starts working soon.

    I’m glad running is still going well! I hope spring temperatures stay there!

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