Men Who “Get It”

I’ll be honest, I don’t meet many men who really understand the female body and psyche. I get it, it’s hard and most men (my father included) either believe women are just small men or are too fragile to work hard.

Things are improving, which has given me both hope and healing.

The first guy who “got it” for me was Ian Golden, my sometimes coach but mostly “advisor”(?) from Red Newt Racing. The way he knows what I can handle and saw things in me I could never dream of is just one of the ways he gets it. He knows my stresses, always says the right thing (even if it sucks, it’s true) and though it may hurt in the moment, it makes me better.

The second guy who got it was David Roche. I shared emails with him and he convinced me not to injure myself by running a race just to prove myself. He understands the female body and his training philosophy is just great. Always eat more than enough. Take things easy, build up slow and then get it done. His wife Megan’s success is just an indicator of his running knowledge. I am fortunate to be part of his SWAP group even though I am not his athlete. Each week he congratulates each athlete for their races, writes articles with great advice and is just overall excited about life and running. I want to get drink with that guy! Soon perhaps?

The final guy who just gets it is Jonathan Levitt from Inside Tracker. I met him through SWAP and blogging and through his help, I’ve changed my nutrition and recovered from extreme fatigue. We’ve discussed training, trails, food and just loving running out of the context of Inside Tracker and I consider him a friend. He is one of the brain children of the hashtag #restdaybrags which I love. During my period off, it was nice to have companionship as he just had a race at Boston. We healed together and he encouraged me to trust in the process.

We need more men like these guys. We need men who get it. It is so important for the progression of female running.

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This is obviously just my experience and other men do get it. I can’t not mention Weldon, he knows how awesome he is.

Tell me some of yours.

Who are other men who get it?

15 thoughts on “Men Who “Get It””

  1. My brother is one of those guys who definitely gets it as a fellow athlete. It’s such a blessing to have him understand, be empathetic, yet know when to push me through something too.

  2. Yeah Ellie, what an awesome tribute. As much as, yeah, some guys just don’t “get it” (I have two older brothers so I can at least say this about them…), I think we often don’t give the poor guys enough credit. Dan is an interesting example. He comes across as not getting “it” sometimes, when really, he’s just processing things inside and taking it all in and then he pops out and astounds me by how much he DOES get it. So glad you’ve had such awesome support during all of this.

  3. I am so glad you’ve had experiences with me that “get it” in terms of running, rest, nutrition, and life! That is a wonderful thing!

    For me, men in my life that understand me are my husband, dad, brother, and father-in-law. I feel so blessed to have them in my life 🙂

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