Maybe utter exhaustion is my superpower (nope, I love sleeping 9 hours)

This week is OVER! I am finally at my day off and only TWO DAYS till we leave for Texas. I slept more last night and plan to make that my priority this week. I am visiting my parents today and I will get there, and plop myself on the couch. After admiring their new kitchen of course haha

I really don’t know what happened this past week. Since Tuesday night when I didn’t sleep, it’s just been a struggle to both see the forest through the trees. I had two workouts this past week and both were hard, in the sense that I might fall asleep and my legs feel like half ton logs. No pep, I used caffeine to get awake enough to do them.

Yesterday I stopped three different times during the tempo just to reset myself. I just needed to get through it. No, I didn’t feel strong when I was done. I didn’t feel accomplished. I felt kind of shitty and like the workout was UGLY. Oh well, I am tapering now, so it’s all ok.

I’m not going to Texas to win or PR, I’m going to have fun with my sister and her boyfriend, enjoy the trip and RELAX. I’m also going to enjoy the warmer weather because it’s snowing right now and I’m not about that at all.

Yesterday I wondered how I was even standing upright. I felt so tired all day Friday, eked out a tempo Saturday morning and then worked all day yesterday. I was just dumbfounded because really all I wanted to do was sleep. But sleep had to wait. Sleep was not possible. For a whole 10 seconds I thought maybe that was a gift, that I could not sleep and still function mostly normal.

That is not my superpower, because I hate it. I love sleeping 9 plus hours. I love naps. I feel and perform so much better in that state. Relaxed, rested, happy. However, I do think learning to perform in a sleep deprived state will be helpful if I ever get into longer racing events. Heck, it will even be helpful at the end of the race next Sunday when I want to stop. If anything, I can grind. It ain’t pretty, I don’t enjoy it all the time, but I can do it.

Breakfast: salted caramel (new flavor!) oatmeal with Nutzo

Running: 38 minutes (in my new shoes!)

One thought on “Maybe utter exhaustion is my superpower (nope, I love sleeping 9 hours)”

  1. I am 100,000% with you on sleep. I used to think that I’m the girl who doesn’t need much sleep in my family, and then I would get to the end of the week EXHAUSTED, and now I really don’t want that to be my superpower either. Sleepp is so good.

    Excited for you to go to Texas; I hope the van trip is amazing!

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