Lunch and run date with friends and uncomfortable night

Another Sunday I was able to spend with friends running. This weekend I visited my friend Laura (who is an Altra athlete) in Syracuse and we ran about 10 miles downtown to the lake and back. I missed her so much and this was the perfect morning with great weather. I didn’t even need hand warmers.

After the run we met my sister and her boyfriend at Strong Hearts for lunch. I got my favorite chickpea salad sandwich, had a few bites of Connor’s (her bf) cupcake and enjoyed the company. Afterwards I went to a few places in Syracuse before making my way back home. I actually started to feel tired and weird midway through the afternoon, realized I hadn’t really drank anything but coffee, so I stopped at a gas station and got a large pop. It tasted good, but it didn’t quite make me feel 100%.

Last night I had the oddest pain in my pelvic area. I’ve had this before and it only hurts when I am laying down. So I switched my bed around, tried everything and finally made myself a throne on the floor and slept in a seated position. I was afraid it was going to hurt this morning, so I made plans to bag my 6 miler…but I felt fine running.

I’m just over-tired today.

I had some amazing strawberries last night that hit the spot. I can’t wait for spring and summer fruit!

Breakfast: oatmeal with banana, chocolate granola and sunflower butter

Running: 60 minutes

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  1. It’s interesting how some pain can show up when we’re just laying down and not moving. I’ve had that happen to me with my knees. And you find the BEST looking wraps and sandwiches.

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