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I am a Run Gum ambassador for 2017. I recieved a package of Run Gum this year, but was not encouraged to write this post. All of these opinions are my own because I need to share about my experience this past weekend with this product.

I’ve written about Run Gum here, and all company information can be found here.

People matter, performance matters.

The motto of Run Gum is something I can get behind. Personally, I’d like to add “enjoyment matters” to the end. This was no more true in my long runs this past weekend.

I had a 20 mile progression on Saturday and an easy 20 miler on Sunday. Classic ultra training, nothing too crazy for seasoned ultramarathoners, but something new for me.

I mentioned in my 50 mile race recap that I took Run Gum at strategic places during the race; when I felt like crap at mile 25 after almost getting pushed off the mountain and at mile 40 when the hill we were climbing did not seem to end. In both of those instances, the Gum picked me up out of my slump. It was kind of amazing.

Since that time, I really haven’t used the product because I haven’t done too many long runs. I have begun to use caffeine strategically in this training cycle. Basically, I don’t drink caffeine anymore. Decaf coffee and tea are my best friends. I am doing this so that on race day, strategic usage of caffeinated products will give me the boost I need.

I do not think this product should be used instead of nutrition. In fact, I will be using caffeinated Tailwind during the race too in addition to eating at aid stations. Run Gum is not a nutritional product, it is a performance enhancing supplement. One I will use in addition to calories.

I think this product will be able to take the place of energy drinks, specifically at the high school and collegiate level, where they are in rampant use. The ingredients in Run Gum are a lot safer and more effective than other energy drinks (except Coke, which I still think saved my life on that bonk during the summer).

Right now, Run Gum has begun to sell variety packs, so you can try each flavor. You’ll quickly discover your favorite (mine is the fruit flavor!)

I recommend saving Run Gum for longer efforts and races. I think it’s important to teach your body to run without caffeine and food. If you use the Gum too often, it will lose its potency. This is the same for people who can drink coffee at 5PM and still go to sleep. They are unaffected by the caffeine. When this happens, the feeling in the race will not be as pronounced. You don’t need to go off all caffeine as I have, but using caffeinated products sparingly helps retain their effectiveness.

Try the Gum. I love it and look forward to using it in races.

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Have you tried Run Gum?

Do you have a high caffeine tolerance?

15 thoughts on “Long Run Fuel: Run Gum”

  1. This is great, way better than some of the garbage out there right now. I’ve not tried it, but when I need a boost caffeine is my go to. I’ve been cutting back on the coffee again myself and this time enjoying the break. Then when I do have a cup it hits me better. HA.

    1. I have been on the decaf for so long now, I forget that regular coffee is like a drug! I got shaky and couldn’t sleep the night of my last regular cup :-X

  2. You said that this product shouldn’t be used instead of nutrition, and I thank you for mentioning that. Calories > Caffeine, for sure. But, I have an issue with gum being called “fuel.” I think it’s a neat concept for people who use it wisely, but it just begs runners with disordered eating habits to abuse. “Oh, I’ll just chew this gum instead of taking a gel and save 100 calories but get the same results.” It just worries me. Maybe call it an “energy boost?” Haha, “drug” probably wouldn’t sound good, but honestly, that’s all it is. Especially in ultra training, I feel like the body needs more calories for sustained release, rather than the jolt a quick dose of caffeine and B12 will give.
    Just a little unsolicited, but hopefully helpful, advice — be very careful about caffeine intake in an ultra. Not only will too much likely affect your GI tract, but going overboard, combined with huge physical effort could lead to arrhythmias, which would be incredibly dangerous. Of course, caffeine is nice to have on hand when running something that takes you into the wee hours of the night, but just, be careful.
    Also, your comment of back-to-back 20 milers made me smile. I consider myself a decently “seasoned” ultrarunner and would not dream of doing that to my body in training. You’re secretly a cyborg, right? 😉

    1. YES! Thank you for writing this out Stacey. You are so right. The sugars in Run Gum can cause DI distress (going to the bathroom on the run sucks am I right?) I had no problems with it during my 50 miler, but of course, I was eating TONS too which probably blunted the affect of the artificial sugars in the gum.
      No, I am not a cyborg although sometimes that might be nice… 😉

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