Life Transitions (and good vegan food)

I really am just amazed at the turns my life can take in such a short period of time. In this past week I turned 25, ran my second 50K (ok, that was on Saturday but still), and got a new job (haven’t started yet but still…)


Since I’ve gotten older and lived on my own for a while now, I’ve learned that doors will open for me if I relax and let them. Take IIN for example. I knew about it, but wasn’t ready to commit to something if I didn’t have the finances or time. Both things lined up at the right moment back in August, so I decided to go for it.

The changes this week happened in much the same way.

On Monday, I turned 25 and spent it with friends. I ran a few miles that morning with my best gal pal, Lesley (her birthday was this week too!) and then got lunch with on of my Strong Hearts teammates, Suzie, who had come to Ithaca for the day to hike. We tried the lunch at Purity Ice Cream and it was absolutely amazing!  img_3922

On Tuesday I had two job interviews in Syracuse, yup, Syracuse and not Ithaca. This is fitting because I also signed a lease that day because in less than a month, I am moving there! I’ve made it known I’ve wanted to move for a while. I do love Ithaca, but I think it’s almost too comforting in a sense. I’ve lived here or close by all my life. I believe that the time has come to try a new city and see how I do.

So, I will begin a new job in mid December and spend a year, at least, enjoying what Syracuse has to offer. When I told on of my coworkers, she just said she was waiting for me to finally move there because I will be with my people. I will be working at Strong Hearts Cafe (yes, the same cafe that my racing team is named after) and getting my feet wet. I am really looking forward to this move and to being surrounded by other vegans.

The apartment I will be moving into is smaller and a studio but it has what I need. It’s cozy, furnished and has a fitness room, laundry and all that jazz right in the building. I might even donate my stationary bike to the fitness room because it is a bit small, but enough for me. It also does not have an oven, but I really think I will manage just fine. It’s got a microwave and TBH anything you can bake I can microwave in half the time 😉

The rest of the week I spent working and recovering from the 50K. All the downhills made my legs really sore on Sunday, but taking an active approach to recovery helped me out. I did some yoga, foam rolled and spent time spinning while watching Gilmore Girls. I had a few great runs the past few days and feel recovered to get into my next very short training block.

On Friday I ran a VERY windy couple miles with a few newer running ladies. One of them said it right “this wind is strength training.” Luckily the temperature was pretty balmy, so that made the wind less cumbersome. I touched up my hair, both getting a trim and dying it black again. My roots were getting pretty noticeable and short hair is easy to dye.

On Saturday, my mom and I went out for dinner and I took her to a vegan food truck called The Star Truck. They were doing a collaboration with Strong Hearts that day, so it seemed like the perfect place. The food was delicious (I am now always going to top my nachos with macaroni and cheese) and my mom and I had good conversation. I spilled the beans about moving, she asked me to help her solve some computer issues (not sure if I helped but I tried) and we caught up on life.


[not my picture, but this is what I got]

As I write this, I am done with work and have the next two days off from CTB. I put in a couple tempo miles this morning to keep that pop in my legs. I won’t do too many speed sessions in the next few weeks, but just enough to keep a good leg turnover for downhill running. Tomorrow I work my third-to-last shift at the gym, which is kind of sad because I’ve only been there a few months. I only have two weeks left at CTB, which I am trying not to think about so much. I just love my coworkers.


There are a few other things on the horizon, and I might write about them if I feel I can express my emotions in a coherent way. Just know, I’m feeling strong and ready for these next few weeks to be a blast 🙂 I don’t know how posting on this blog will go, but as I mentioned above, I will write when I have words to say and it seems right.

Cheers to the weeks ahead!

28 thoughts on “Life Transitions (and good vegan food)”

  1. Wow Happy Birthday sweet friend, and I can’t wait to see how the transition goes for you! 🙂 New adventures are always fun and they bring so many new opportunities to learn to trust God more.

  2. Sounds like things are going really well for you! Congrats on the new job and the new place. I hope the move goes well for you and there are miminal broken dishes 😉

  3. Wow. These really are a lot of changes in one week but all of them the good, exciting kind. I’m stoked for the opportunities you’re getting and will be keeping my fingers crossed everything turns out just the way you hope. Not that I was feeling doubtful, though.

  4. I needed this post. I’ve had a sneaky suspicion you were going through some changes. But wow – are you ever. First of all happy belated birthday! 25 is a good age, and a perfect time to bring in some new life changes. I’m so excited you are going to be working at Strong Hearts Cafe!! You’ll be so perfect there!! How far is Syracuse away? Moving into a new apartment always feels like such a chance to refresh and start a new… I hope you are feeling excited about this prospect. I also hope you enjoyed your time with your Mom. Will you get some help with your move?
    Thinking of you so much through this, and I’m very very excited for all that is to come for you.

  5. Life transitions indeed! How exciting, Ellie!! I know you will rock at Strong Hearts Cafe! It seems like it will be a great fit for you. I love how adventurous you are, and that you’re always pushing forward in life!

  6. So exciting!! I had no idea you lived near Syracuse in the first place! My boyfriend ran/went to school there so I’m sure I’ll be up sometime, we’ll have to meet 🙂

  7. Animals won’t be the only ones happy with our vegan move. One reason why: Compared to vegetarian diets, omnivorous ones contain more arachidonic acid, which can spur neurological changes that drag down mood.

  8. Happy belated birthday, girl . Everything seems quite good at the beginning of the new age *hug* Keep running and eat clean , its not only help you healthy but also comfort your spirit.

  9. Before I was vegetarian, until now is 6 months I’m Vegan. I also feed my cats, mostly ZiwiPeak, Weruva, TikiCat, Instinct, Halo (by Ellen Degeneres! aka vegan superstar) and a few others.
    Being Vegan give me alot of happiness in life

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