Your Life Does NOT Need a Disclaimer

When I go looking for different products to use, whether it’s running shoes, peanut butter or something as small as toothpaste, I like to see where the opinion of the person/blog/business I am asking is coming from.

Let me clarify, I want to know if the person telling me to buy Brooks running shoes is being sponsored by or affiliated with Brooks.

I want to know if the person telling me all the amazing things about a specialty $10 jar of peanut butter was given the product to sample and rave about.

Usually, there is a disclaimer towards the bottom or the side or a sponsors page (I have one too) letting others know their connection with said brand. Honestly, that doesn’t really have too big an influence on whether I buy the product, but I think transparency is important.

Our government should be so bold, but I digress.

On the flip side, where I think this transparency or disclaimer is not appropriate is in the context of people’s lives.

Again, let me clarify. I do not think giving your opinion about something, and then saying “but I am not the best at this so…” or “I am not an [insert expert here]”

I find people degrade their own opinions almost before they give them. In the same way I mentioned in this post, people feel the need to defend their food choices.

Why is this? Why must we put a disclaimer on how we feel? Why must we automatically put down our own intelligence as soon as we say something we feel passionately about? After all, it’s only one person’s opinion and not everyone has to agree. The people reading should know that or they should not be reading.

I am sad for the people who start a sentence with “I’m a bad [insert descriptive word here], but this is what I have to say…”

Simply SAY IT!

DO NOT put yourself down, or degrade your opinions. You are a human being, a person, and all your opinions are valid.

These same people are the ones who fish for compliments. I also wrote about accepting the compliment and saying thank you.

“Oh, I ran a sub-20:00 5K, but you ran a sub 19:00 5K so my accomplishment is not as good as yours. You’re better than me.”

Arg, just stop it.

You do not need to have a disclaimer on your life or your opinions. You do not need to always justify your bold opinion or water down the way you feel.

Just say what you mean. It’s so much simpler that way.

30 thoughts on “Your Life Does NOT Need a Disclaimer”

  1. YES! This has been something you know that I’ve probably struggled with at times especially when posting food on Instagram. I often feel like as a recovery account, I should justify the amount of food I eat, but I’m eating what feels right/good for my body, so I don’t have to.

  2. I have an ongoing dialogue with some friends about the negative impact of politically correct speech and life lessons taught by our grandparents. We’re so much more careful not to offend these days, but doing so often leaves us more socially disconnected. For example, I am an American…..not necessarily a proud one, but like you said that’s a discussion for a different day. I could identify as European American mostly, but it doesn’t change the fact that I was born and raised here. If I identify as American, then anyone else who identifies as American becomes a little more like me in my mind. I am from Iowa, but live in NC….definitely feel disconnected when I identify as a midwesterner instead of a southerner, but no apology necessary….I am who I am. So, I go back to considering myself as human, as American, as part of my community of people without putting more judgement on myself. Honest identification without disclaimers and labels allows for a more authentic lifestyle.

  3. Yep. I honestly don’t know WHY this exists or when it got to be so common. It’s like our use of saying “sorry”….. For absolutely everything these days. If it’s nothing you need to feel sorry for why are you degrading yourself by saying it? I think we have this desire/need to put disclaimers on things we say for fear of judgment? Fear that we will come across looking confident (gasp!!!) and therefore self centred or proud when maybe we don’t have the “right.” I think there can be a balance between arrogance and inner confidence, we just all need to decide to be on the same level with Knowing the difference.

    1. YES CORA! It’s almost as if being a confident woman is something to be ashamed of. I HATE IT SO MUCH! I think there is a difference between owning what you do and thinking your shit don’t stink. As women and bloggers, we should be proud of what we put out there.

  4. I’m so bad about doing this – I have always had that self-deprecating nature. However, you’re so right! And I find it annoying when others put down themselves, so why should I do it? It’s one thing to make it clear you’re not a trained professional, but it’s another to constantly put down yourself/opinions. I think I’ve gotten better at this as I grow older.

    1. You and me both. I feel that if I encourage others not to make this a habit, I will prevent myself from doing the same. Thanks for your words Catherine!

  5. Good point. Often, I think people start out with a “disclaimer” because they don’t want to sound condescending or proud, but we don’t have to put ourselves down to communicate humbly.

  6. YES. I really love this and agree with you on this Ellie. We do not need disclaimers. We are totally entitled to our opinions and beliefs <3 great post

  7. So true. I used to asked everyone for their opinions, and then I felt that they made me more complicated. So, don’t care about them. Just do anything you want that make you happy. That’s enough.

  8. I think we are all guilty of this at some point, but when I think about it, when we have to justify or give a disclaimer, it may make us sound unsure about ourselves. I think it’s a bigger reminder to focus on you, and not on others.

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. This is something I have been struggling with a lot lately. I feel like I need to constantly explain myself with a new work schedule I have. I am burdened by the “Guilty no” and I always feel like I have to justify my choices. This really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing!

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