Last Sunday, Birthday Cake Gu and Ajax

Today is my last Sunday opening at CTB (crosses fingers that this is true). Next Sunday at this time I will hopefully be on the trails. Either that or at Misfit donuts, I’d be happy with either.

I tried the new Gu Birthday Cake flavor yesterday and it was pretty great. I wish it was blue colored and came with sprinkles, but I can’t always get what I want.

Last night I worked at Agava for a few hours before realizing that it was Spring Forward and I lose an hour of sleep. I was already crashing so it was important to me to get home and rest.

I listened to the Country Running playlist on Spotify this morning as recommended to me by Jonathan Levitt, and it wasn’t bad. I would tell Carrie Underwood that she shouldn’t wash her dirty laundry with Ajax. I’d suggest Tide Pods, just don’t eat them.

Breakfast: blueberry scone with coconut butter

Running: 58 minutes

6 thoughts on “Last Sunday, Birthday Cake Gu and Ajax”

  1. Darn spring forward. It was a real struggle getting out of bed for our group run this morning. Also one person lost track of time and was a little late … could have gotten 10 more minutes in bed! 😉

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