It’s called BREAD.

Another one of my biggest pet peeves is when people break foods down and call them by a singular nutrient.

This irks me in a huge way majorly because I was guilty of this.

Now when I see it all over Instagram and other blogs, I just roll my eyes. This peeve of mine has helped in significantly reducing the amount of blogs I read. I simply get annoyed when a whole food is reduced to one of it’s elements.

I am studying nutrition to become a holistic health coach. Yes, I know that it is not a dietitian or nutritionist. I do not claim to be those things. Yet, I do not understand when these same dietitians and health “role models” continue to speak of foods in regard to what they consider the “most important” part of that food.

Just because you’re eating a baked potato does not mean that the only good thing about that potato is #carbsfordayz

A potato also has potassium, protein, fiber and tons of Vitamin C.

Also, by reducing a food to a singular nutrient, you take the love and comfort out of the food.

Think about it. Say you sit down to eat with your friend and ask what they’re eating and they say,

“I’m having a carb.”

What image comes to mind? Not too much right? Snore. Move on from that table and sit with someone else.

Instead, if they say,

“I’m having mashed potatoes and gravy.”

That image is a lot more relatable and fun right? Mashed potatoes sound delicious!

I also think that people want to confess to eating something like #carbz or #fatz yet brag about eating #proteinz because #gainz

I would need a few hundred hands to count the number of times the description of a meal has the hashtag #carbs when it is followed by the hashtag #legday or #gymsession

Why does this matter? Honestly I am guilty of doing this in the past too (but lets be real, my “gym session” is laughable). When describing a recipe of some sort, it makes sense to embellish it with a statement about the nutrition in the food, but for most of us, there is no need to explain your food choice.

Understand this: YOU, yes YOU, do not need to JUSTIFY your food choices to anyone.

There, you’re free. You can eat WHATEVER you want and NOT TELL ANYONE what is in it or WHY you chose to eat that.

You can leave the gym and eat apples, bread, cheese, cookies or GOD FORBID EAT NOTHING and it’s NO ONE’S BUSINESS but YOUR OWN!

Rant coming to a close:

It’s called bread.

It’s called banana.

It’s called avocado.

It’s called a cookie.

Food is more than #carbz, #protein and #fat.

Food is your own. Food is delicious. Food does not need to be justified.

Food is not CARBS or PROTEINS or FATS. Food does not need to be justified. Food is your own. #nutrition #holistichealth Click To Tweet

Have a macronutrient-free day, and enjoy your food.


29 thoughts on “It’s called BREAD.”

  1. GIRL. Having you write this is so so good because I still am guilty occasionally of feeling like I have to justify my food choices to others; I”m thankful God gave food such a myriad of wondrous nutrition, and that it’s not just ‘carbs.’ It’s a powerhouse, given to us by God for His glory!

  2. Yes a million times to this. I am guilty of feeling the need to justify my food choices, but it makes me upset when I do and when I see other people doing it. It destroys the simple joy of food, and suddenly, it morphs into this convoluted, guilt ridden, somehow “bad” thing. Ick. That makes me so sad. Love your thoughts, Ellie.

  3. Justifying food in any way, but esPECIALLY in this new “special” way we have in our current society with hashtags #gainz #carbs4days and whatever else…. is really awful and just plain weird. Annoying and again, weird. However, from a nutritional standpoint, society does need to be educated that we DO need a certain amount of carbs, a certain amount of fats, proteins etc – ALL foods – for full balanced, nutrition, so in that sense, especially for someone beginning on this “better nutrition” journey, it can be okay to label something that “is a carb” a carb. NOT in a justifying way because they just had #legday, but for their own knowledge that they are getting the right balance of nutrients. For instance in an ED program, patients DO need to report that they had their (for example) 2 servings of carbs at lunch and 3 servings of carbs at dinner etc etc. These foods that are categorized as carbs are labeled so because of their nutritional make up, however of COURSE they have many MANY other vitamins, minerals, etc etc that help in other areas. As long as they are being labeled in a way that says “Yes – go me! I’m getting a great balance of all the nutrients that I need in a day!!” rather than “#carbz because #legday”, I think its okay.

  4. Can’t say I’ve ever broken down a food to one of these hashtags, but I am guilty of demonizing things like #gluten or #dairy. Buttt those are different. I think. HA.

  5. YES YES YESSSS to this! I get really annoyed when people say “oh that’s too many carbs”. I’m like “no, that’s pasta and bread… both of which are delicious”.

    Food bullying is real and you are so right – you’ve just got to do what works for you! And for me, that means plenty of “carbs” ;P

  6. I post about food a lot, but seriously, most of the time it never even occurred to me to put in a hashtag about carbs or protein or whatever. Unless it’s the night before a half, and probably not even then.

    I’m not afraid of carbs, or really anything, but I also know that I can’t eat as many carbs as I used to when I was younger. It does get a lot harder as you age, even when you exercise. I shudder to think of my struggles if I didn’t exercise! I am not blessed with a wonderful metabolism, never was.

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